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Thread: Kickstart: Wet Plate Collodian Project

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    Re: Kickstart: Wet Plate Collodian Project

    Honestly, i was not really listening to his rant. He does sure seem old to be someone who just got a degree. His website bio says nothing about a formal education at all, so i think he is more of self taught kind of guy.

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    Re: Kickstart: Wet Plate Collodian Project

    Hey, other photographers have done these kickstarter things and have gotten away with it. Why not? Several here have asked to fund projects and we have donated to it. I think it is more about how popular you are along with a good idea. If you can get people to give you money for a project why not? More power to you. I agree though, no way.

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    Re: Kickstart: Wet Plate Collodian Project

    There's no way this guy will achieve the goal, so it's not even really worth talking about, in addition to the reasons already mentioned.

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