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Thread: Where to get digital negatives done?

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    Where to get digital negatives done?


    I have found a few old scanned pictures that overtime now I feel look quite good to be printed as silver gelatin prints in darkroom. The saddest part is I have lost the negatives.
    Hence, I would like to know if there's a place in USA where I can send in my digital files to get digital negatives created out of them for silver gelatin printing.

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    Re: Where to get digital negatives done?

    Our own Ian Mazursky does them at prepressexpress and does too.

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    Re: Where to get digital negatives done?

    If you have photoshop and an Epson printer you could do it yourself.... Instructions here:

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    Re: Where to get digital negatives done?

    bob carnie at elevator digital does them, very well.

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