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I would love to see Mike carry Fuji film. He currently processes nearly all my 8x10 and 4x10 film, and he does about 75% of my 5x7 film. He does great work and I try to send him as much business as I can. I am one who tends to stock up when I can, as I, like most of us, have no clue when the end of E-6 will come. In the past two months, I have ordered from both Badger and Adorama to the tune of 6 20 8x10 sheet boxes of Velvia 100. And like most people, really prefer the Velvia 50, but that is not going to happen, at least for now. I have noticed on eBay, that there is a particular Japanese seller that has over 100 boxes of 8x10 Velvia for sale. I have often thought of shooting him an email to see what kind of price break, if any, he would give on a 10, 20, or even 30 box order. The idea being to get the price down by getting (hopefully) some LF guys interested in a purchase. Of course, I realize that I am one of a small group of "silly" guys still shooting 8x10 transparency film, but I have to admit it is in my blood.

I have mentioned this in another post, but Adorama has 8x10 Velvia 100 at a very nice price right now - $225 a box of 20.
There's a guy I was put in touch with in japan that would sell me Velvia 50 in 4x5 for under $100 after shipping, that was before the recent price hike, his 8x10 was also less than the eBay guy, I'm sure he would make a deal, but I think making sure Fuji see's "USA" purchases of Velvia 100 would help us more than the few savings we get now, once we are FORCED to buy from japan because Fuji stops exporting, the pricing will not be in our favor... Be penny wise and but from an American distributor, Fuji doesn't track us purchases made in japan....