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Thread: $100 DYI 8x10 camera

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    Re: $100 DYI 8x10 camera

    Wow, this is tempting to make....tho I'm still trying to abstain from 8x10. Too many projects to start on this...


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    Re: $100 DYI 8x10 camera

    Rear standard is 30x30cm inside.
    Focusing mechanism is simple rack&pinion gear. It's quite big, but works smooth and when locked is very stable.
    I'm learning some more advanced woodworking and I see how badly this camera is made.
    Project is fine, but details are bad. But that's why I'm learning woodworking to make it much better.

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    Re: $100 DYI 8x10 camera

    Quote Originally Posted by grzybu View Post


    Here is my new 8x10 camera.
    It based on Jon Grepstad book: Building a Large Format Camera (
    Because of lack of decent quality hardwood I've decided to make if from 10mm birch plywood. It required some simplifications in desing, but I don't complain.
    Using plywood let me to avoid of gluing most of the frames because I could just cut square and route it if needed.
    My carpenters skills are about to none and this is also one of the reasons why I've choose plywood.
    I have only really basic tools, most sophisticated are $20 jigsaw and $100 hand router.
    Material cost is below $100.
    I've made ground glass by myself using 2mm glass and cosmetic corundum.
    Bellow is made of black cardboard and seems to work fine. I think I'll impregnate it later so I could take it outside.
    I had to make simple wooden tripod head for this camera too.
    There is still some things to do with the camera, it needs to be blackened inside, focusing gear is needed. I think I"ll make new, smaller front standard, too.

    It was lots of fun making this camera and still is
    Now it's time to make some photos. Here is the first one from the camera:
    Please note that my website is moving. New URL:

    My book can be downloaded free of charge there.

    Jon Grepstad


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