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Thread: Large Format Tripod Suggestions...

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    Large Format Tripod Suggestions...

    I am new to large format and am interested in opinions/suggestions on best studio tripod setup. I am currently looking at purchasing either a Sinar F2 or X. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Large Format Tripod Suggestions...

    For use in the studio there are many possibilities since weight is not a significant factor. Many people prefer a stand to a tripod since it permits a wider range of camera heights. You can see some at For a tripod in the studio, the major consideration is solidity, and you can use a much more massive unit than you would want to carry into the field. If you would like to save some money, there are many available used at a small fraction of their original price. Majestic and Samson are two frequently seen. Condition is much more important than brand. The type of head is a rather personal matter. Some people like geared heads, others don't. Casters or dollies are also a matter of choice. They are convenient when moving around, but then locking them up can be a nuisance.

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    Large Format Tripod Suggestions...

    Foba from Switzerland is the state of the art studiostand.

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    Large Format Tripod Suggestions...

    I have an Omega monorail camera. I've been "getting by" with my Bogen 3021 legs and a small ball head, but it is less than ideal.

    I don't like the ball head because if you loosen the ball, the camera falls.

    I recently bought a tripod from It's a large wooden tripod, similar to a surveyer's tripod, but with a large steel post instead of a hole. It was fairly cheap, and very sturdy. I plan on either building a head to fit the post, or perhaps having a machine shop bore and tap a hole in the middle of it.


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    Large Format Tripod Suggestions...

    Not trying to hijack the thread, but this has been on my mind ever since I had some problems with shifting when doing multiple pops of the flash (ok, should have let go of the release apparently, but a "hiking" CF tripod exacerbated the problem)...

    Anyway, has anyone here "rolled their own" with a stand? They are expensive and even used the shipping would be a killer, and I am in bottom feeder mode...

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