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Thread: Your "go-to" lens for a 5x7?

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    Re: Your "go-to" lens for a 5x7?

    I keep my 110 XL mounted on my 5x7.

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    Re: Your "go-to" lens for a 5x7?

    8 1/4" goldrim Dagor.....if there were only one lens this would be it.
    We'll see if the newly mounted Galli (thanks Jim) 240 Heliar does at elbowing in...

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    Re: Your "go-to" lens for a 5x7?

    210 Symmar cuz it seems to match how I see

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    Re: Your "go-to" lens for a 5x7?

    Depending on what is required, usually:

    #1, 8-1/2" Kodak Commercial Ektar in barrel. This one stays on the Sinar with the Sinar shutter..

    *12" Commercial Ektar in barrel.

    *110mm Symmar XL in Copal shutter.

    *19" Red Dot Artar in barrel.

    This is what lives in the camera case, if there is something specific I'm looking for there is a pile of others lenses to choose from.


    Quote Originally Posted by djdister View Post
    So as a theoretical or perhaps practical exercise, what lens (focal length wise) is your #1 go-to lens for your 5x7?

    As a brief follow-up, you might say why that lens/focal length is your go-to choice.

    Thanks in advance!

    (the thought occurred that if I could parse all 5x7 images posted to the forum and somehow extract what lens they were shot with, I would have my answer, but that would take some advanced data mining...)

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    Re: Your "go-to" lens for a 5x7?

    Looking back at my 5x7 shots, 150mm has been my most used focal length with 300mm second & 600mm third.

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    Re: Your "go-to" lens for a 5x7?

    about 90% of my 5x7 LF photos were made with the the 210mm Sironar-N. At the time, I would also use the 150mm Fujinon-W

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    Re: Your "go-to" lens for a 5x7?

    On the Speed Graphic movement isn't an issue, so the 203 Ektr gets the nod. On the Agfa, a 159mm WA yellow dot Wollensack or 14" Apo Artar see the most use.
    I steal time at 1/125th of a second, so I don't consider my photography to be Fine Art as much as it is petty larceny.
    I'm not OCD. I'm CDO which is alphabetically correct.

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    Re: Your "go-to" lens for a 5x7?

    At the present there are two Bausch & Lomb Rapid Rectilinear elements screwed into the shutter. I believe they have a focal length near or about 177mm when used together, and 290mm when used separately, which also covers 8x10 nicely. Every time I "go to" open the camera, there they are.

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    Re: Your "go-to" lens for a 5x7?

    In order of most used to least used:
    240A Fuji, 450C Fuji, 180A Fuji, 300A Fuji, 90mm Nikkor

    The 450C is only 3 shots "behind" the 240A though, so I'd call them an "even" tie because I sometimes forget to record exposures

    A 125SW Fuji should be landing anytime now, for some reason that's been a missed FL in the kit(that I'd be reaching for almost first, all the time). But somehow I end up finding something else to frame up instead

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    Re: Your "go-to" lens for a 5x7?

    When I had a 5x7, it was an 8-1/2 inch commercial ektar.

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