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Thread: Enlarged negs using Epson R 3000?

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    Enlarged negs using Epson R 3000?

    I'm looking for a printer that I can use to enlarge 4x5 negs for making platinum prints. I know the Epson 3880 works well for this but I don't think I can afford it right now, or even justify the price for my limited use. I've never made digital prints and I don't know if that is something I would consider, but possibility of making larger prints with the 3880 might justify the extra expense if the prints are truly as nice as I've heard they are. Any input is appreciated, especially if you've made enlarged negs on a 3000.


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    Re: Enlarged negs using Epson R 3000?

    I can tell you this, I got so tired of Epson, I bought a Canon Pixma Pro1 before I really looked into the aftermarket inks, Jim Cone, etc.

    My $1000 Canon drinks heavily from 12 small ink carts, 5 are black. It prints well, but NOBODY else is using one, so I now have to reinvent the wheel. Not my strong suit.

    Buy what everybody is using and save yourself a big headache.

    A couple points for the Canon, so far no clogs, no nozzle checks or cleaning and I cannot tell the difference between Canon ink and the 1/2 price stuff. It prints excellent B&W prints.

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    Re: Enlarged negs using Epson R 3000?

    I've not used the R3000 but here's a thread about it over on DPUG-

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    Re: Enlarged negs using Epson R 3000?

    I ran QTR on an epson r3000 and it makes absolutely splendid negatives for pt/pd, and other processes, as long as its guided well. I wish they would put a print head capable of putting 1.5-2.5 pico drops into a lager machine. The detail you can get with the r3000 is really great to see. miss that printer.

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    Re: Enlarged negs using Epson R 3000?

    This may be an old thread now but I owned an R3000 for almost 2 years.

    Good things:
    The heads almost never clogged. It'd sometimes sit for 3 months without use and I never had to worry about it much.
    It was extremely high resolution. Much finer dot pattern than the 9900 I use now.
    You can run small 4x6 and 5x7 sheets through it.
    It pulls through sheets fairly straight.

    The profiles were horrible and buying a good paper profiler costs more than the printer. I could never get the luminosity correct. The 9900 is very good with Epson profiles.
    It's an awkward price point. For just a little more it's possible to get a 17" printer which can be used for 16x20s. But then the resolution isn't as high.
    Buttloads of driver issues. I ran it on windows 7 64 bit but mac users may have better experience. Compared to the 9900 the drivers are crap.

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