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Thread: any users around of longer Ernemann Ernostar lenses?

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    Re: any users around of longer Ernemann Ernostar lenses?

    Here I am, raising this topic from the dead...
    Hope you don't mind guys?

    I was just checking Ernemann's Anastigmats & all I can find are:

    1) (our beloved) Ernostar (f1.8, f2.0, f2.7)

    2) Ernotar (usually f4.5)

    3) Ernon (f3.3 - f3.5)

    4) Ernar (predating Ernostar for few years but obviously was more a "brand name" than a lens design defined by name) and then (f6.3 & f6.8)

    5) Doppel Anastigmat called "Vilar" which seems to come from same years like Ernar and can be equally slow (f6.8)

    We all know that Erneman & later Zeiss made projection Ernostars which were available in a few focal lengths but all I found are shorter ones up to 125mm or so. Then on the other hand there are Ernemann Anastigmats without any "brand name" which are also projection lenses without aperture and all but come in longer focal lengths while still keeping the speed of an Ernsotar.
    So I wonder from your experience & knowledge - would a company like Ernemann make such lenses based on their best lens (Ernostar) and omit the name & aperture but keep the identical formula?
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