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Thread: Morocco Nov. 2004 - anyone interested?

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    Morocco Nov. 2004 - anyone interested?

    I visited Morocco as part of a group in November 2003, and would like to go again. I've considered going myself, and have had a schedule based on last year made up. Last year I predominately used 4x5, with some hand-held work (grab shots in Marrakech; portraits) with 6x7. I think it was one of the best locations I've visited, and would love to go again, but would rather go with a couple of other people. The pricing I've had done up is about $182/day for a 4wd with driver; hotels vary, but are typically about $63/night (when used). I don't want this to be a quick trip, so envisage two weeks, staying a couple of days at several locations. The scenery is varied, from the crowded Souks to the Erg Chebi (desert) and the Atlas mountains (snow-capped).

    I would intend using 8x10 this time, so timing would be generous at each location to help get the best out of it, and I think the larger formats could really benefit from this sort of trip - so bring out the 7x17! The person writing up the itinerary is an experienced Morocco guide who co-led the trip last year (she would not be accompanying us). I speak a smattering of French, which seems to be adequate to communicate. I've asked the guide to include more time at locations normally difficult to spend time at, because of the lack of decent accomodation nearby. This resulted in the suggestion I spend a night or two in a simple Gite - sleeping bags would be required, but that is sometimes the price of these locations!

    To do this sort of trip, compromise is required. Sometimes you see a beautiful scene going from C to D, and you need to stop for an hour. You need to make sure you know where you can go and when, so you don't block the shots of other people. Basic photo trip stuff really.

    The group found the hotels better than expected - sometimes hot water wasn't immediately available, but we never had a day without a hot shower, and never had a communal shower (although there were shared facilities in one hotel).

    Anyone interested?

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    Morocco Nov. 2004 - anyone interested?

    I should have added, the car cost was total ie up to three people would split it. Food costs would be additional, but they're not high.

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