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Thread: Any LF users in the Sacramento, CA area?

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    Any LF users in the Sacramento, CA area?

    Darin, As stated above - Sacramento Valley Photographic Arts Center is where you will come in contact with LF users (among other types as well). Many are well known, quite capable with varying interests in subject matter. SVPAC is an active organzation with a gallery, workshops, field trips as well as once a month print sharings. For full information you can check out the following link...

    When you atten the different events, you will meeat and make contact with many of us that prefer to work with LF gear


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    Any LF users in the Sacramento, CA area?

    Great, thank you for the link. I am glad to hear that I am not alone.

    I also like the fact that there are a few LFP's in the surrounding area like benicia and Fresno. I also know someone in Placerville. I will have to see what the SVPAC has to offer.

    -Is there any interest in a local forum for the extended-Sacramento area? (I have a permanent webserver now.. lots of unused space)

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    Any LF users in the Sacramento, CA area?

    Rather than start a new thread, I figured I would just answer this one as I was searching through the archives....

    I live in Roseville and while I travel to the east coast for work fairly frequently, I'm in town for at least a couple of weeks and just got started in 4x5. Just got my first chromes back and I am hooked! Going to be going down to SVPAC for their second saturday exhibit, so maybe I'll see you there, Darin and Steve. Looking forward to meeting someone else who shoots LF. Can't wait to see the exhibit, too.


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    Re: Any LF users in the Sacramento, CA area?

    If anybody in the Sacramento area likes to develop with pyro I would gladly give away a Rollo Pyro kit from Bostik and Sullivan. It is not brand new but still fresh,and I used just a little bit of it . The reason I want to get rid of it is that currently I experimenting with other developers. Here's my adress GESHA65@EARTHLINK.NET.

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    Re: Any LF users in the Sacramento, CA area?

    Wish I was already up there. I'm trying to move to Sac, but am having a hard time finding a job. The place I'm working now (in Bakersfield) just opened another location in San Francisco, so I might end up moving into the suburbs of SF or something. Anybody know any decent, inexpensive places to live in SF? If so, message me. Don't post it here because this topic (even though it's old) is about Sacramento.

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    Re: Any LF users in the Sacramento, CA area?

    I am just getting into LF. Not sure if this thread has died out, been a few years
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