So earlier in the year I finally bite the bullet and ordered a dual-focus Razzle from Dean. I got him to mount a nice Nikkor 150mm lens on it (which just fits!). My goal was to have a easy to use and handheld 4x5 camera that I can use for my cyanotype project later this year. I had looked at some of the fotoman cameras and even other polaroid conversions but I had heard so many good things about Dean's cameras from the likes of Chris Usher that I knew I had to get a Razzle

Wow, first thing I have to say is that compared to my Horseman monorail this thing is a dream to use. Its very light, the new focus knob he has installed is smooth and easy to use. Originally the finder was a bit hard to use due to the patch being out vertically a bit, but Dean helped me adjust it (it wasn't too hard) and now its very easy to use. I can now easily carry the razzle with me in my lowepro sling with around 6 film holders. The only problem now is that this camera makes 4x5 shooting so easy I am burning through the film!!!

Here are some recent examples

All images were shot on Ilford HP5+ and developed in AGFA Rodinal. ISO was set at 400. Scanned on a Epson v700 and tweaked in Photoshop

Hope you enjoy!