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Thread: Writing Kodak to voice opinions

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    Writing Kodak to voice opinions

    moot, too

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    Writing Kodak to voice opinions

    Tim - I'm always learning new things on this forum. That's what I like! Never heard of a "Mido", so I guess I'll start researching. I'm just afraid that I'll end up buying more "stuff". On the other hand, one can't have enough "stuff" as far as I'm concerned!


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    Writing Kodak to voice opinions

    We could ask for 620 TMax 400 for our Medalists...

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    Writing Kodak to voice opinions

    I had a Mido i system fir a while. It was a bit fiddly but actually seemed to work fairly well.

    The Mido II system seemed a much better way of doing it, with the thin "tdaitional" style holders, but there always seemed to be light leak problems. I have a whole bunch of Mido II 8x10's I have a love hate realtionship with. I wish I could get them to work just that bit better (I think Geoffrey James has a set off 8x10 that works well, but he spent some time with Shin (sic) Mido getting them working well). I can easily carry 8-10 of the 8x10- holders in an over the shoulder satchel as compared to say 4 regualr holders - both weigth and size wise, with the camera on a tripod over the other.
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    Writing Kodak to voice opinions

    My favorite black and white film from kodak was t400CN... only ever managed to get a few boxes of it in 4 x 5... have taken some stunning images with it, and was disapointed to see it go from 4 x 5 sheets, and sadened even more to see it dissappear completely. I'd love a chromogenic film in readyloads...

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    Writing Kodak to voice opinions

    Good riddance to Kodak!!! More power to J and C, Efke, etc. Thank you for seeing the light - be the vinyl to Kodak's compact disk.

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    Writing Kodak to voice opinions

    I hope everyone writes. I wish us luck.

    I wrote them a four page business plan on why Tri-X in readyloads was good business for Kodak, complete with executive summary (figuring no one would actually read the details). Several months later I got a reply back from and assistant's assistant assistant that said simply that Tri-X in readyloads wasn't in their marketing plans. Bugger off, in other words.

    Really, my experience with Kodak is that they are marketing driven, as opposed to market driven. Their marketing people are interested in digital, not film. I don't think they care a whit the market wants. But if we don't try, they surely won't change. Here's hoping they prove me wrong.

    Bruce Watson

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    Writing Kodak to voice opinions

    Big corporations need to make such huge margins on new products, it's hard for them to expand in a category that they (CFO's POV) see as dying - but they often don't realize the intangible benefits that come from goodwill and loyaty that result from listening to their customers. My friend owns the last commercial photo lab in Rochester - the three larger competitors closing down in the past 2-3 years - and his business is booming. Sometimes having 100% of a shrinking market is better than 33% of a growing one.

    Perhaps another question to ask is how restrictive are the patents on Readyload and Quickload? Or would Fuji or Kodak license the technology to a smaller film company. Hmm... FP-4 and HP-5 in Readyloads...

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    Writing Kodak to voice opinions

    Really, my experience with Kodak is that they are marketing driven, as opposed to market driven.

    IMO, that pretty much describes the business world today. There are very few companies left that are driven to produce what their customers want and Kodak doesn't seem to be one of them. The truth is, a large publicly traded corporation probably can't afford to be that connected to their customers. Chances are, nobody in Kodak's marketing department today has ever used a large format camera, much less do they care about consumables for them... That is why the day will come when Kodak no longer produces any kind of LF film: when the bean counters decide the company's investment will yield a higher return elsewhere, we will be abandoned without a backward glance. Maybe there will be some mavericks who will step in to fill the need. I hope so.

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