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Thread: Lines on Half the Image, Scanmate 4000

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    Lines on Half the Image, Scanmate 4000

    I just got myself a scanmate 4000, running colorquartet 4 on a power mac 9500/200 via a scsi cable. The scanner appears to be working perfectly, the calibrations work, it appears to scan the image fine, but when I open the file half the scan is made up of these lines. This happens regardless of how large the image is. The attached image was a small section of film i had scanned as a test, probably 60 mbs. It also happened when I scanned a 6x6 shot at 4000 dpi. Any ideas?


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    Re: Lines on Half the Image, Scanmate 4000


    I'm no expert, but one or two quick things come to mind to check on.

    You say it seems to scan fine, but are you certain the stepper is moving the drum properly all the way across the negative? To me it looks almost like the drum is still spinning, and the PMTs are still scanning, but it the drum stopped just past the eye and the system just sampled the same spot on the negative over and over again.

    I don't know the 4000, but my 5000 has a clear cover and you can easily watch the progress of the drum past the PMTs. You might want to re-run that scan and make sure the drum is passing the whole negative past the PMTs, or if it is pausing in one spot on the neg.

    I couldn't tell you what the fix would be if this is the problem.

    I've also had strange things happen (not this, however) if I didn't pay attention to proper orientation of the drum on the mount. I can mount the on the three pegs in one of three orientations, but only one of those orientations actually lines things up properly. Simply pulling the drum, rotating it one third and remounting it solved those problems.

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    Re: Lines on Half the Image, Scanmate 4000

    Does anyone happen to have the service manual for a scanmate 4000 or 5000? I cant seem to find them anywhere.

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