Cibas definitely didn't do well under UV. I've tested them under all kinds of conditions, some
deliberately abusive. I know how to make one fade in a week. The nice thing is that all three of the dyes fade at approx the same rate, so color shift doesn't occur until you're
right on the edge of the cliff in terms of print life. If there's no direct sunlight or other strong UV source like halogen, or in dark storage, they hold up wonderfully. But the consensus that current Crystal Archive prints have better display permanence is probably
true, at the expense of dark storage ultimate permanence (eventually yellowing due to
residual couplers). With inkjet the question is way more complex, because you've got so
many ingredients in those inks, some of which are dyes inferior to those in Ciba. Nothing is
truly permanent. Even the Sphinx in Egypt is a mess compared to what it originally was.