The biggest problem is I don't own it, the owner has given and sold me 100's of pounds of cameras, but I guess I convinced him this thing is fantastic. My bad.

His deceased father was a camera and tool hoarder of the highest rank, I helped him sell the Leicas, I got the LF. Still plenty in that room in Ohio, gotta get back in that room...

Now I must be happy installing a Reinhold Monster as a Camera Obscura, and figure a way to get the Del Riccio in a fair deal.

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How about putting it up against a flat piece of acrylic, sealing the two together, and filling the inside with a sugar/water solution? At 85% concentration, the index of refraction will be just a bit less than that of soda-lime glass, but lesser concentrations might get you to a point where the focal length of the assembly becomes interesting. Not well-corrected, mind you, but interesting.