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Thread: Large Format Camera Classifieds?

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    Large Format Camera Classifieds?

    I see classifieds are not allowed here. Does anyone know where can I find classifieds for large format cameras and equipment as I have some items to sell. Thanks, William

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    Large Format Camera Classifieds? is one. is another.


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    Large Format Camera Classifieds? also has a section for LF related sales.

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    Large Format Camera Classifieds?

    View Camera magazine reaches a very targeted audience and has classifieds that appear in the magazine ad on our web site

    steve simmons

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    Large Format Camera Classifieds?

    There used to be a forum with for sale notices &C at

    I haven't been there since they re-did the site ...

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    Re: Large Format Camera Classifieds?

    there is one here.. I just posted .. You have to log in..

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    Re: Large Format Camera Classifieds?

    This is an eight year old post. In those days, advertising items "for sale" or "want to buy" on this forum was not allowed.

    Since that time, this forum has responded to requests by its members and now has a classified section.

    The column of forum categories on the far right shows that the vast majority of postings are FS/WTB ads.

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    Re: Large Format Camera Classifieds?

    Time wharp!

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