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Thread: Ambrotype Portraiture in Berlin

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    Ambrotype Portraiture in Berlin

    Wet Plate Collodion Portraiture is coming once again to Berlin's Domaene Dahlem! Central Valley Project photographers will be creating ambrotypes (wet-plate photographs on glass) while you wait! A miraculous event - images arise from the ethers before your very eyes! May 1, 4, and 5, 2013.

    "One look at an antique ambrotype explains why families treasured collodion portraits as heirlooms, and continue to do so 150 years later. The quality of these silver images of unrivaled tonality and detail, suspended on glass, cannot be matched by any other photographic process. Wet-plate collodion has proven to be one of the most lasting photographic processes." - Berlin Daily News
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    Re: Ambrotype Portraiture in Berlin

    Thanks for this - I've passed it on to an Australian friend who is an exchange student in Berlin.

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