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    Hello, I a have modified Polaroid 110A 4x5 camera and want to know if the flash accessories that comes with it would be enough for 4x5. I am having a lot of trouble getting to shoot with smaller apertures and faster shutter speeds due to low light. I was looking at eBay and I have found a lot of flash units for that camera but I am not sure if they would work for 4x5, these are wink lights and other reflector type flash.

    As I live in Pakistan, it is not easy to get things off eBay, is there any way I can ask my electrician to make me a light that I can use, I am not sure what power light bulb would be required and how to make them like what reflector to use and how. I was thinking if that can be a cheaper solution then I don't mind using a constant light for my shots, even if I can't sync.

    One more thing, do I need to take the meter reading with the light on, or can I calculate using the power of the bulb?

    Here is my camera:
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    Here is the light I am referring to:
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    Re: Lights

    Take a meter reading with the light on, flash it in the position/distance you will be using it.
    That should tell you if you have enough light to work with, based on your film speed.

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    Re: Lights

    Also keep in mind the wink light was designed for ASA 3000 film and wasn't exactly blinding bright.

    Something like a Vivitar 285 with variable power output may be more useful, with the ability for you to adjust the power.

    Metz and Sunpak should have similar lights.

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