First of all I want to thank all the people running and contributing to this forum. I started with large format photography six months ago and this forum has been of invaluable importance to me. After months of hard work and a lot of annoying mistakes I now reached a stage of feeling comfortable with this medium. Without this forum the timeframe would have been more like three years, I guess.

To me the very high standard of this forum makes it even more obvious that I miss a similar platform for disussing other than technical aspects of photography: general tendencies, important photographers, exhibitions, new books, references to other art forms, you name itů

I read Artforum and other art magazines and also look at photography magazines like Blindspot, Aperture, etc. However all these are one way media and for this donĺt allow any discussion or exchange of opinion.

I would be very interested to hear if others share this desire and if maybe such a forum does already exist without me knowing of it.

Best regards from Germany