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Thread: Teen photographer

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    Re: Teen photographer

    Quote Originally Posted by jmandell View Post
    I have also found a super speed graphic, it appears to have some more movement in the front. Is there really a difference between the Crown, Speed, and Super Speed models?

    Also, are there 5x7 backs available for those cameras?
    Yes on #1, no on #2

    All of the info you need on the differences can be found here: Graflex Cameras

    I don't want to make sweeping generalizations because I'll be called out on it, but generally 'Speed' refers to the cameras with a built-in focal-plane shutter (like common 35mm SLRs from before the 1980s, composed of 2 traveling cloth blinds with varying time/distance gap in between them). These cameras have a top speed of 1/1000th, generally impossible with other large format cameras (there is an exception to this, one (?) model 'Speed' does not have the focal-plane shutter).

    The Crown Graphic is the same camera without the focal plane shutter. There are variants with different degrees of possible movements, mostly due to improvements of the front standard. Also, some models have 'drop bed', that is the fold-out front of the camera with the focus rails can drop down by about 30 degrees to use wide-angle lenses without getting the front of the rails in your shot. This is useful if you intend to do landscape (you will need a wide-angle lens, of course).

    The cameras were made in common sizes: 4x5 is most common, 3-1/4 x 4-1/4 next (hard to find film now), one size smaller (?), and finally there are a few 5x7 Speed Graphics out there but they are quite rare. You cannot use a larger back than what the camera was made for, though you could fit a smaller back or a roll-film holder to do panoramics on 120 film.

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    Re: Teen photographer

    Quote Originally Posted by Jody_S View Post size smaller (?)...
    Yup, 2-1/4"x3-1/4"

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    Re: Teen photographer

    The Super Speed Camera does not have the rear focal plane shutter -- instead it has a front shutter capable of 1/1000 sec.
    A great way to start! Have fun!

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    Re: Teen photographer


    The speed graphic sounds like a pretty cool way to enter LF, it will give you some flexibility when it comes to selecting lenses, including barrel lenses that don't have shutters (assuming that the in-camera shutter is working correctly).

    Maybe the one advantage the 4x5 format has over others is the wider variety of films that are easily available in that size. 5x7 and larger have fewer options. In addition, the cost of films is a consideration as well.

    Which ever camera you choose, don't get carried away with lenses. Try to stick with one lens for a while. If you can, use one kind of film as well. Shoot as much as you can, as you will make many mistakes, but in the process you will learn. Nothing beats doing!

    This forum has a lot of resources and information readily available. Read the following articles: and

    Have fun.


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