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Thread: Help needed with a V700 and 5x7 film

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    Help needed with a V700 and 5x7 film

    I need some help scanning. I have an Epson V700 and I'm using VueScan - for years I've been scanning in my medium format negatives, and a few 4x5s, and everything's been great.

    I'm now attempting to scan some 5x7 negatives. I have an 8x10 sheet of anti-newton glass from Betterscanning, and have taped the negative to it as one is supposed to. However, on scanning, I'm getting a powerful green slow around the edges of the negative. Thinking this was bleed, I tried making a mask out of a couple sheets of paper running around the outside, but this has had little to no effect. Anyone know what's going on and how to fix it?

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    Re: Help needed with a V700 and 5x7 film

    I've been using the v700 with Vuescan and 4 x 5 negatives. I used the Betterscanning holder as the instructions specify without any problems of the type you mention. I used it to determine the correct film to scanner glass distance, but I do my routine scanning with the frame that came with the scanner, after adjusting it to what the Betterscanning frame came up with.

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    Re: Help needed with a V700 and 5x7 film

    Sounds like you are scanning through the ANR glass, as well as the scanner's top glass..

    I scan 5x7 negatives on an Epson V750 this way:

    HP-5+ B&W film is placed on the scanner glass, emulsion side down (that's the side with the dull surface).

    Place the sheet of ANR glass on top of the negative, textured side of the ANR glass contacting the film base (that's the side with the smooth surface).

    The weight of the ANR glass holds the film flat. Eliminates Newton Rings. The scanner sensor reads the image on the film base, passing only through the scanner's top glass.

    Since the scanned image is now reversed, I reverse the image in Photoshop.

    If you are scanning film that has a smooth surface on both sides, you will need to raise the film off of the smooth glass as Betterscan suggests.

    Smooth surface film pressing against smooth surface glass causes Newton Rings.
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    Re: Help needed with a V700 and 5x7 film

    On further review, I am an idiot. The flaws are on the negative, due to light leaks. The green shows up as purple on the negative; and against the generally orange field of the sheet, the purple wasn't obvious at first. Thanks though!

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    Re: Help needed with a V700 and 5x7 film

    Yes, such an artifact due solely to Epson scanning would be about impossible. Examination of the negative was a wise move.

    Nate Potter, Austin TX.

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