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Thread: large format resources in southern California

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    large format resources in southern California

    Does anyone know what resources are available for a beginner in southern California, especially in the vicinity of Fontana? Are there any organizations/businesses that offer classes in large format photography, rent view cameras, or do archival film processing?

    Thank you in advance,
    Cate Bainton
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    Re: large format resources in southern California

    Did some research, and below is what I found. If you can add anything to this list for northern or southern California, please do. Thanks!

    view camera rental
    - Adolph Gasser Photography, San Francisco
    - Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco - optional rental for duration of class
    - Samy's Camera, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara

    large format film processing to HABS/HAER/HALS standard
    - Cox Black & White Lab, Rancho Cordova
    - Gamma Black & White, San Francisco
    - Photolab, Berkeley

    large format photography classes and workshops
    - C4 Gallery, Los Angeles - March 23-24 or May 25-26, 2013
    - Calumet Photo, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Ana - infrequent
    - Mark Citret, Yosemite National Park - September 17-21, 2013
    - Michael E. Gordon, Death Valley National Park - March 1-3, 2013
    - Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco - Tuesdays, April 23-May 21, 2013

    large format photography books
    - View Camera Technique by Leslie Stroebel
    - Using the View Camera by Steve Simmons
    - Ansel Adams: The Camera by Ansel Adams

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    Re: large format resources in southern California

    I'm in Riverside, have several 4x5's that I offer when doing an introductory Large Format class. Have my own gallery and facility in Riverside. Stop on by or give a call.
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    Re: large format resources in southern California

    For sheet film and archival storage materials for your negatives, there's Freestyle Photo(Hollywood) and maybe Calumet (Hollywood and SF) Also for books, The Making of 40 Photographs by Ansel Adams. And for an invaluable On-Line resource, Q.T. Tuan's L F Home Page (just click on LF Homepage on the blue banner at the top of this page for articles on just aout everything you'll want to know!)
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    Re: large format resources in southern California

    IDK if I'd consider any lab-processing these days "archival", especially for b/w...

    Probably best to DIY, that way you know its done "right" and to YOUR standards, not some lab-tech's.


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    Re: large format resources in southern California

    Archival Film processing to HABS/HAER/HALS standards is hard if not impossible to find. There are some labs around that do Dip-and-Dunk but that process does not wash the negatives thourougly enough for the HABS standards. I have my film processed at the Image Source in Ventura (805) 676-1000 and then do a second wash stage in my darkroom with a hypo-clearing bath and additional wash/rinse cycle. 4x5 cameras on Ebay can be had for cheap and often with a bunch of film holders (which you'll also need to rent). Lenses may be easier to rent than cameras as the LF gear gets more scarce. Samy's and calumet should still be renting lenses, but for how long? Check to see if there is a large format class at the Julia Dean Photography Workshops in Hollywood. Good luck with your documentations!
    –Stephen Schafer HABS | HAER | HALS & Architectural Photography | Ventura, California |

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