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    wanted to buy 12x20" ILFORD HP5

    I need to buy 12x20" film ILFORD HP5. Does anybody know who is selling it ? Samy's in LA they use to have it, but they don't at the moment. Please , any hints will be appreciated. please email to :...
  2. Does anyone have few 12x20" Ektachrome or Fuji film for sale ?

    I am looking for few sheets of Ektachrome of Fujichrome (E6) 12x20" film not outdated. Also, anybody know a Lab that will process 12x20" E6 ? please responde to : thanks!!!...
  3. Any custom lab that will develop Ilford FP5 12x20" ??????

    I am looking for a custom lab that will develop Ilford FP5 12"x20" and do contact prints as well. Any hints will be appreciated. Thanks ! please email to
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