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    How do you bring a 4x5 around?

    I use an Outpack (domke)backpack for my system. It holds the folded field camer a, two lenses, ten film holders, several filters, a light meter, polaroid back a nd film, dark cloth, and several...
  2. Where can I see original Westons, Adams, etc?

    In addition to some of the other ideas in the other replies, there is currently a traveling collection of Adams' work sponsored by the Friends of Photography (t he same group that operates the center...
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    Processing Ilford Delta 100 in XTOL

    Greetings All--

    Does anyone have experience processing Ilford's Delta 100 (4x5 sheet film) in Ko dak's XTOL? I contacted Ilford, and they said to contact Kodak. Kodak said to contact Ilford...
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