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    Re: Nikkor SW 90mm or Grandagon 90mm?

    The Nikkor 90 f8 is significantly different from the SA 90 f8 and Rodenstock 90 f6.8 as it is an 8 element design and has a significantly bigger image circle. If you are using 4x5 with big...
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    Re: Why the 135 mm lens 4 x 5 landscapes

    I think the short answer to your question is its the shortest focal length for which the excellent and extremely practical plasmat design covers 4x5 with movements. My favorite lens for 6x12 is a...
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    Re: Horseman FA with Horseman 6x9 lenses

    Yes, it should work.

    KEH has a 45HD at a good price right now and is also a great outfit.
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    Re: Horseman FA with Horseman 6x9 lenses

    In the case of the 65 it seems that when Horseman introduced the later cameras with slightly greater minimum extension, they changed the lensboard so that the lens sits farther back in the lensboard...
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    Re: camera for winter climbing/backpacking

    If you're going to Whitney soon, it's too late for the LF route! It takes a while to put a kit together that works for you and learn how to use it.

    I shoot LF in the Colorado mountains but LF in...
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    Re: 6 x 12 Format

    I use a 45HF for 6x12 and my favorite lens is the 100mm Sironar-N which folds up inside the camera. It may be the sharpest LF lens I ever used. For long the best thing would be to be patient and...
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    lens mystery...

    Percy, that sounds odd. Either the camera or the lens has got to be mis-assembled. If we knew how far from the lens the image is actually forming, or how far apart your lens board and ground glass...
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    lens mystery...

    Conrad has the right idea. Focus the lens on a piece of paper. If you can't focus on the paper, the lens is mis-assembled. If you can, measure the distance to the paper and figure out why you cant...
  9. Unexpected soft focus with lots of camera movement

    According th the comparison charts on this website, your lens allows 45mm of rise in Portrait mode. Based on your description of your technique it sounds likely that you exceeded that and ran into...
  10. What is the longest lens to use on Horseman VHR?

    It's difficult when different posts state different facts! Cut me a little slack.
  11. What is the longest lens to use on Horseman VHR?

    Ted, is that right? the Horseman tele-extender can be used at infinity on an FA? I thought you needed close to 300mm draw.
  12. Depth of Field, Depth of Focus, and Film Flatness


    Thanks, no offense taken if none was intended.


    Only because I thought .1mm was the conventional standard for 4x5. Maybe .05mm would be better.
  13. Depth of Field, Depth of Focus, and Film Flatness

    You go ahead and grapple. Whatever you do, don't make another picture until you are completely satisfied with an answer.

    Oog. I should never have said anything. My sincere apologies to everyone....
  14. Depth of Field, Depth of Focus, and Film Flatness

    Unless you have a measurement of all these distances this is an impossible question to answer.

    Okay, say I have a lens to subject distance of 500 m, a focal length of 135 mm (and a lens to film...
  15. Depth of Field, Depth of Focus, and Film Flatness

    So - here's a question. We large format photographers usually shoot at f16 or smaller apertures, and I have seen that film flatness is not an issue for sheet film holders at those apertures. ...
  16. Joel's Thread Temporarily Removed from View

    This forum used to be noted for civility. Recently it seems to have been hijacked by - as Jim suggested - bored children. Maybe the best thing to do would be to shut it down for a while so those...
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    240mm linhof lens...

    I don't think Mr. Petronio implied that Linhof did anything to obscure the real identity of any lens. 'Rebadging' is the term used when a reseller puts their name prominently on a product made by a...
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    Nikon Macro AM*ED Lenses

    According to Nikon the AM-EDs have 8 elements in 4 groups so they're not plasmats exactly.
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    Should this eBay listing bother me?

    Yeah, if he knows enough to identify it as an Artar he should know better than to make those claims.
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    Roll film holder for Arca-Swiss 6x9?

    B & H (New York) still offers Horseman 220 backs. They're a bit rare on the used market.
  21. Field Camera (lightweight) with two odd needs

    Also if you really want a 4x5 camera that is also good with roll film backs, the Horseman FA, HD and HF are all very similar to the VH and VHR (and very light weight) but with the larger back.
  22. Field Camera (lightweight) with two odd needs

    Oops, that should read 75mm f5.6 Horseman Professional lens.
  23. Field Camera (lightweight) with two odd needs

    Another vote for the Horseman VH or VHR. Meets all of your requirements I think, and the VHR can be used in rangefinder mode. A very cool camera system. Also if you are shooting 2x3 consider the...
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    wista VX technical

    That's interesting, I have a 100mm Rodenstock Sironar N that's listed as having the same angle of coverage (72 degrees) as the Apo-Symmar 100 and yet its image circle is listed as 151mm. Schneider...
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    Horseman 45 HD, what will fit?

    The Caltar II 150mm f6.3 (Rodenstock Geronar) should fit too.
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    Horseman 45 HD, what will fit?

    Based on the VHR which I think has identical dimensions on the front end: none of the modern multicoated 150mm plasmats will fit. The 150 xenar will fit. I would suggest a Sironar-N 135mm which...
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    will my 210mm cover 10x8 film?

    For what (little) it's worth I have found that the 100mm Sironar-N is great on 4x5 at infinity with no movements. Since the lenses are supposed to have the same coverage angle I'd guess the 210...
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    Need help from fellow Shen-Hao users

    I have to disagree on Brian's post. Nikon Technica style boards are quite well made and consistent - I have used half a dozen of them on several cameras - and cost about $35. Not knocking Linhof,...
  29. Horseman VH with 210 mm / 240 mm lenses??

    Hello again Aender, yes I would say even the 240mm can be used for landscapes. You should be able to focus down to 2 meters or so by using the back extension and to 5-10 meters without. I think...
  30. Horseman VH recessed lens board for Copal 0

    Yes, the opening is just slightly bigger than the diameter of the shutter, so any controls that normally lie near the back of the shutter have to be remounted on extensions that move them forward. ...
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    Using Shift to Create A Pano

    Another problem is that the scanner software and/or operator will adjust colors and brightness/contrast settings differently on your two 4x5 scans making it hard to get the two images back together. ...
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    Using Shift to Create A Pano

    Works best if using back shift so the lens doesn't move. Also beware of moving clouds!
  33. Horseman VH recessed lens board for Copal 0

    Sorry, Will, our posts crossed.
  34. Horseman VH recessed lens board for Copal 0

    Will, are you sure? My understanding is that recessed 8x8cm lensboards were only made by a third party (they require a kit to modify your copal 0 shutter.)

    Aender, I have a third-party recessed...
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    Metered Light Pocket Spot Availability

    I called two years ago asking to buy one, was told that it would be a couple of months before one was available, and have never heard back. If anybody succeeds in buying one, I'd like to find out...
  36. Rotating lens panoramics and field curvature

    Neither the rectilinear perspective of a traditional lens or the cylindrical perspective of a swing lens camera is really 'natural' or more correct. Like different world map projections, they're...
  37. UWF: Is a 6x30 or 6x36 format a reasonable concept

    I would vote for this for your next product: an inexpensive body to go with a Horseman 6x9 RFH. Or even possibly a Horseman 6x12 RFH. Many of us already have the RFH so we don't want it built into...
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    Beginner Lens Question

    Hi Gary,

    No one has mentioned that from what you've said the lens could be either single coated or multicoated. Not a huge difference, but one that will affect the resale value if nothing else. ...
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    Good news for Horseman FA owners.


    Interested in doing this too but am worried that it will interfere with infinity stops for my 135mm Sironar-N that I also like a lot.

    Notice there is a VHR on Ebay (sells in an hour or...
  40. Thread: ROLL CALL

    by Sam Crater


    Did you know a message has to have 8 characters?
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