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    EV units: Luna Pro-S vs Pentax spot

    The EV scale on the Pentax is 'hardwired' for ISO 100. If you set the Luna Pro to ISO 100, the

    EV should match. The EV scale on the Luna Pro will adjust according to the film speed when
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    Upgrade my Super Graphic

    I'm sure you will get more movements and flexibility with a field camera over your Super Graphic
    but the 'lightning fast setup' will be hard to better than your Super. With lens already mounted and...
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    Tachihara Maxwell or Satinsnow

    I use a 4X5 tachihara and will also recommend the standard GG that comes with it. It is a good one. The fresnel seems just right for your 150mm, but is at the limit around 90mm esp with some shifts....
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    Ilford lets be postive

    For 5X7 I shoot HP5+, in 4X5 it's Delta 100 and now FP4+. For paper I use Ilford MG IV in RC and fiber. I use Ilford rapid fixers as well. (mix my own developers) I will continue to buy and use them...
  5. Jobo Expert Drums: Reduce Time or Dilution?

    Forgot to mention and Tim reminded me: Regarding the above times, I use a 5 minute presoak on all films.
  6. Jobo Expert Drums: Reduce Time or Dilution?

    I use HP5+ 5X7 in a Jobo 3006 with D76 1:1 at 68F ( 1000ml working for 6 sheets) My times are 8 min for N-1 and 9- 9'30" min for N. I rate it at full speed EI 400 and have no problem with shadow...
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    Shim thickness to replace fresnel

    Per your description of the GG surface position, which is the same as my tachihara and all the others who have posted, you will not need to shim the GG at all. The GG surface is resting on the...
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    Jobo Expert 3006 or 3010 ??

    Regarding the use of a foot pump to remove the expert drum lid: I simply use the tap water pressure to remove it. I made a suitable rubber fitting to go over the drum top using a sink stopper. As...
  9. Which JOBO: Expert Drum (3006/3010) or 2521 tank

    For those having problems getting the lid off of Expert Drums:

    I use the tap water pressure. (fit the hose with a suitable rubber fitting, in my case I used a sink stopper with a hole drilled in...
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    Crown Graphic swing?

    You could get a bit of swing (likely all you would need) by unlocking the front standard from the rails and 'twisting' it on the rails. That tab on the Super Graphic does allow both swing and shift...
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    Pinhole camera movements

    The effects of rise/fall and shift will be the same as when using a lens. The effect of tilt is of little use in pinhole as there is no plane of focus to adjust.
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    Nodal point of lens

    The relevent measure for your use is the "flange focal distance". This is the distance from the lens flange (where the lens mounts to the board) and the film plane, (at infinity focus). According...
  13. Anyone Experiencing Fogging With New Readyloads?

    I have no experience with the readyloads, only Fuji quickloads: (no problems.) A suggestion on what might isolate the problem though. Setup in a dark room and sacrifice a readyload (...well another...
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    Super Graphics advice

    I have a super graphic with a Schneider Symmar 135, rangefinder cam, in excellent working condition. I paid around $200 without the lens. The super will handle lenses down to 90mm no problem, no drop...
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    Lateral Shift Movements on Field Camera

    Both front and rear _swing_ can be applied in such a way (the lens and film can be kept parallel, and parallel to the subject if desired) that it is _exactly_ the same a applying shift directly. ...
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    Lateral Shift Movements on Field Camera

    I'm suprised by how picky people are on how shift is supplied by their cameras. I would suggest you just pick a camera and use it for a while to decide what is important for you. You can still use...
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    Lateral Shift Movements on Field Camera

    If the camera does not have direct shift of the front or rear, it should provide swing for both front and rear. The shift can then be applied indirectly. There are simple techniques to apply shift in...
  18. Finer Points of Properly Loading Jobo 3006 Drum

    I forgot to add: I use a dry silicone lubricant for the drum lip. It comes in an spray can. Wipe a bit on (careful not to get it in the drum, only on the lip.) Leave it set a few minutes and wipe off...
  19. Finer Points of Properly Loading Jobo 3006 Drum

    I use both 5X7 and 4X5 in the 3006 drum. 4X5 goes in with the notch on top (5" dimension top to bottom) 5X7 can only go in with the 5" dimension top to bottom. An alternative to the foot pump that...
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    Help Selecting An Enlarger

    I found a Durst 138 (5X7) a few years ago. (graphic arts business going digital.) You will see these described as big, costly and just about ideal. I found mine at a bargain, it comes apart in 5...
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    How important is gerared focusing?

    Geared or friction doesn't matter as long as you have a knob that is smooth and precise. My cameras have geared, but I have a Durst 138 enlarger that has both focus and head adjustments using...
  22. Super Angulon 90mm.&Speed Graphic 4x5: Marriage Made in Heaven? Not?

    Good point Erik on the drop bed/backward tilt issue. I know with the Crown you can turn the front 'fork' around and mount it so you now have forward tilt instead of 'backward'. Now you can't drop...
  23. Super Angulon 90mm.&Speed Graphic 4x5: Marriage Made in Heaven? Not?

    Erik, I would believe you since you have the camera in front of you. Thanks for correcting me, and my incorrect recollection. I have a Super Graphic and 90mm f/8 Nikkor. I mounted it and there is no...
  24. Super Angulon 90mm.&Speed Graphic 4x5: Marriage Made in Heaven? Not?

    Well, as I mentioned in the thread just below, I think you will have a problem putting the 90mm Super angulon on a Speed Graphic. You will need to drop the bed, then move the front standard back ...
  25. Crown Graphics 4 x 5 better with which Shchneider super angulon 90 mm or Super symmar 110 XL for landscaping?

    A couple other things to consider: What is the shortest lens that will work on the Crown? I believe you will have problems with the 90mm: The bed must be dropped and the front standard is no longer...
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    Hyperfocal Focusing With Tilts

    This will get easier once you get your camera and start practicing what you read about. I assume you have looked at these 2 articles on the LF page:
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    Lens test surprise

    You may have to adjust your scale a bit after you get the likes of a Sironar or XL lens. (either include values over 10, or shift them all down just a bit) ....That has been my experience anyway.
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    Composing on the GG, or not

    I compose with a viewing card. Then I know where to put the tripod and what focal length lens to use. I still like it nice and dark to view the GG. Viewing upside down and backwards on the GG will...
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    Out of focus negs from Crown Graphic

    I would first check at and make sure the ground glass and fresnel lens is all there and installed properly. It sound like something is way out and this one would do it. Many (all?) of...
  30. OK, how many mega-pixels equals a LF negative?

    Jim Bancroft noted above that: "A 1st rate 4x5 system with real optics and an excellent film probably can reasonably expect about 25 lpmm across the entire sheet of film."

    I routinely get...
  31. Thread: Weight

    by Gary Frost


    For a day hike, it's not so much the extra 3-5 pounds of the monorail, (though it still adds up and requires more tripod), It's the extra bulk and time to setup and pack down. The field camera folds...
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    So the horse is alive and kicking!

    Pinhole, Aaron, is the answer. For infinite DOF, no distortion, purity of a perfect optic, perfect Bokeh. Pinhole will release your concerns of sharpness, abandon your thoughts of focus. If you...
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    Why are so many labs incompetent?

    The Imagery Group 28032-J Industrial Blvd. Hayward, CA 94545


    The same friendly, cheerful, competent 3 folks have been processing my E6 for around 5 years. Never a problem....
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    How much front rise do you use?

    When looking at the rise limits on your camera choices, keep in mind that the bellows may limit your rise with a 90mm lens before you reach the cameras spec'd limit. Usually the next limit is set by...
  35. What Are Your Favourite Web Sites Showing CONTEMPORARY CREATIVE Large Format Photography?

    I'm looking at "CONTEMPORARY CREATIVE photography" websites regardless of format. Any suggestions? The exact phrase in a search engine doesn't produce much of interest. Some examples could provide...
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    JOBO I cannot get consistent results. WHY

    I use D76 with TMX 1:1 on (4X5 in 3006 drum) and have no problems with consistency. I use the solution quanitity recommended by Sal of 250ml stock per 80 sq in film. I have never run with less than ...
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    ground glass source

    I had to wonder what I'm missing using a carborundum-ground-glass. I made a replacement for a Super Graphic I bought a few years ago. ( had a sheet of velum between the fresnel & a clear glass!)...
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    ground glass source

    It is very easy to make your own: Get some #500-600 carborundum from a lapidary supply (jewelry supply, rock polisher, etc) Some water, and an extra piece of glass. About 20-30 minutes of of gentle,...
  39. Difference between ilfochrome RC and Deluxe papers

    The Deluxe is not 'paper' at all, it is an extremely smooth-as-glass plastic. This is the paper that achieves archival quality. It is also more brilliant as the base reflects more light than a ...
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    Back tilt or lens tilt

    You can achieve the same result using a combination of front tilt and front fall if you need a plumb film plane. Whatever is easier for the situation: the film/lens relation can be achieved either...
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