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    Re: Copal shutter parts


    As you probably have discovered there are not many parts available for Copal shutters in repair shops in Norway anymore -not for Compurs either for that matter. Regarding the large format...
  2. Re: Service/parts for Graflex Super D. Advice needed, please.


    I've taken the Super D apart and will recondition most of the mechanicals myself.
    And yes; it's indeed tempting to find another -maybe roundish?- solution to the winged...
  3. Re: Service/parts for Graflex Super D. Advice needed, please.

    Thanks, Leonard!

    -You were right on the mark there; I didn't figure this little lever arm for being a sliding kind of thingy.
    Works very nicely now!
  4. Re: Service/parts for Graflex Super D. Advice needed, please.

    Jon, Bill, Ernest, Glenn, John and Leonard:

    -Thank you very much for your replies and recommendations!
    It's certainly good to know of several possible people to consult regarding parts/service...
  5. Re: Service/parts for Graflex Super D. Advice needed, please.


    Yes, I did find Mr. Lustig's contact info at but decided to post here in case someone had any recent information regarding this particular gentleman and his hopefully thriving...
  6. Service/parts for Graflex Super D. Advice needed, please.

    -Oh my, I just couldn't help it; a nice enough 4"x5" Super D auto-diaphragming model with a Kodak Ektar 190/5,6 showed up for sale and of course I bought the darn thing!
    (I know; pretty silly,...
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    Re: DeVere wiring circuit?


    The original De Vere 504 manual has one page regarding the electrical connections. This page to a certain extent specifies the various connections in the particular plug you mention....
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    Gitzo G1570 Questions


    -I have both a G1570 and a G1570M. My experience regarding the difference between the two has led me to use the rounder, more ergonomically pleasant handles from the newer version on the...
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    If Only Four Books....

    Oh brother, that'd be a tough one indeed. There's a whole bunch of books I'd like to be able to save from my library that I unfortunately don't (yet) have. But if the joint went up in flames I'd hope...
  10. Marking negatives; what kind of pen?

    Thank you very much, gentlemen!
    -I'll hit the art supply stores, film in hand, to take a look at the pens you've recommended.
    (I must admit I feel much better putting pen to film when it says...
  11. Marking negatives; what kind of pen?

    I've always been in favor of marking my 8"x10" negatives with at least enough information to reunite these with their sleeves (containing full notes) should they become separated. Having recently...
  12. I need advice to buy 5x4 for interiors & architecture Im changing from using medium format

    Good advice in tremendous quantities here, James. As you you may gather from this, there are obviously as many and quite well reasoned choices in cameras and lenses as there are photographers out...
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    De Vere 504 Assembly - HELP!

    Congratulations with your recent purchase, Don. I've found the De Vere 504s to be one of the better enlargers for my taste and use. If the source mentioned in a previous post can't help you -or if...
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