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  1. Re: An Experiment in Analogue Prints From Digital Files

    Randy- I have a long history with re-photographing my TV! I've used it to sort of simulate a slit scanning set up in the past. I was also thinking about making contact prints off the screen for an...
  2. An Experiment in Analogue Prints From Digital Files

    Hello all,
    I recently picked up two boxes of Harman Direct Positive Paper (from a member here) to play with in my CC-400. After a little experimentation I got to wondering if I couldn't use my...
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    Re: Bridges
    Just moved to large format, one of the first shots I've been happy with.
  4. Re: Creating Scanner LCC/Gain/Custom White File

    What you’re asking to do reminds me very much of dark frame subtraction in digital photography. It’s most commonly used for noise correction in long exposure photographs. Baiscally as the pixels get...
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    Re: A Little Out of Order

    I follow the directions from this post . I don't seem to get the odd colors some of their example images...
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    Re: A Little Out of Order

    Thanks for the kind welcomes everyone, I look forward to contributing.
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    A Little Out of Order

    A big hello from Austin to everyone at LFPF,
    I got ahead of myself and before noticing this introduction section, already posted a question (which some kind people were nice enough to answer for...
  8. Re: Film holder question from a beginner

    Thanks for the advice Harold_4074, I'll definitely give this a try once I get my film from freestyle, it sounds like making my own holder is certainty possible. If I lay the film directly on the...
  9. Film holder question from a beginner

    Hello LFPF, I have recently entered the world of large format photography with a rather mint Calumet CC-400. New to 4x5, and not looking to drop $700 on a fancy 4x5 epson flatbed just yet, I picked...
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