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    Re: How good is the 150mm f2.8 Xenotar

    Hi Vick,

    once I had a 3,5/135mm Xenotar. It was/is an excellent lens, with good sharpness even wide opend. I dropped it because it's lenses are made of radioactive glasses (thorium) and I didn't...
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    Re: 210mm Heliar or....


    the Heliar is a fine lens not only for portrait. But it isn't very soft nor very fast. I've some that are not for sale so I recomand it. The Dallmeyer Pentac is a Heliar-design too and offers...
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    Re: Help - Lens identity ?

    Hi Rob,

    sounds like Russian Tessar-clone.
  4. Re: Using a diopter close up attachement lens on large format?

    Hi Leonhard,

    when the unsymmetrical lenses came out (decades ago) they lost the opportunity to get a longer focal length by unscrewing the front half of the lens. At that time attechemnt lenses...
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    Re: C-Claron - useable?

    Hi Joseph,

    actually I didn't own a C-claron but Schneider-literature says they were buildt for copy work for xerox-copying. As these copies have a fixed size and were not enlarged the resolution...
  6. Re: Newbie! Need help with Zeiss lens ?! Please help :)


    you are right it's for micro(scope) photography. The thing with the dial is a central-leaf-shutter, eg self-cocking Ibsor or Prontor-type. The optic part could be a special lens like Luminar....
  7. Info Boyer lens 6.8 210 Beryl shutter mount

    Hi Sven,

    I've done that, too. Mine screw directly in an old Ibsor, the later Prontor are different and the cell-spacing isn't the same. So check this out when remounting. It's a good lens with...
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    Compur #2 in the Bay

    Hi Henning,

    if 1/200 sec is the shortest time on the shutter, you are right. And the biddings point in that direction cause this size is looked after. F-scale says a 240mm Symmar housed in it...
  9. Plaubel Anticomar f 4.2 210 mm any good ?

    Hi Rob,

    the Anticomar is a Tessar-clone and tweaked a little bit faster. The 210mm comes in a Compound III shutter which can be used for other lenses. I think the LF-lenses from Plaubel where made...
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    Tele-Xenar 5,5 - 800mm

    Hi again Paul,

    you are right about the coverage of the Tele-Xenar 500, Schneider claims 8x10'' but I've never tried and actually the lens isn't on hands. I don't know former prices in the US but...
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    Tele-Xenar 5,5 - 800mm

    Hi Paul,

    the longer Tele-Xenars are a little bit rare. Your 500mm was made for Technika 5x7'' with little movements possible. I paid 100$ for mine in Compur 5 electronic without control unit and...
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    Tried Enlarger Lenses?

    Hi Christopher,

    enlarging lenses are designed for appr. 1:6 to 1:10 ratio so they shouldn't perform that bad. I've used Componons for normal situations means 1:20 with good results. And repro...
  13. 9:" f-6.3 Wray Wide Angle coverage etc.

    Once I had a 8.5'' Wray wide angle and it covered 8x10'' with movements. Fine lens but didn't fit any shutter. So i sold it and kept a Boyer Beryl in the same focal length with shutter. It looked...
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    G Claron 150 types

    Ernest is right on the two versions, the older Dagor-Type has a litte bit more coverage than the second Plasmat-Type. Both fit shutter 1.
  15. Thoughts on 5x7 Linhof Technika invited

    Technikas are fine cameras and can used hand-hold. Best you look for an example with cammed lenses because the cam was adjusted to the actual focal length of the lens. The 5x7 Technika III has also...
  16. Can someone tell what I've got (lenses)?

    All are vintage 1950's lenses, mainly for 4x5''. Check Schneider's web site for more information Xenar and Angulon are...
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    First lens for 8x10

    Hi Jimmy, the 240 is the newer, improved version, but I think for BW use there will be no great difference. The image-circle of the 240 is tight for 8x10. So may be the price is the point.
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    Old Linhof Question

    Hi Tim, as Bob said, the letters mean Deutsches Reichs Patent and Deutsches Reich Gebrauchsmuster, mean patent-protected and before 1945. It could be a Technika II or an earlier modell.
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    Schneider Press-Xenar 135 f3.8 info

    Hi Richard, Schneider claims an angle of view of 62 dg. for the 4.5 Xenar and 60 dg. for the 3.5. That makes 161mm image circle for the 4.5/135mm and barely 152 for the 3.5/135. While the 4.5...
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    Help with Linhof monorail ID...

    Hi Joel,

    guess you have an old Kardan-Color, that is front and back of the Technika mounted on a monorail from the 60's. So you have to look for Technika-type lensboards. I think both 6x9cm and...
  21. Any experiences with"old" LF-lenses - like TESSAR, SKOPAR, TRIOPLAN

    Hi Mark,

    the Tessar-lens design is still one of the best in its class. Apart from coating and quality control, new glasses gave significant improvements after World War II. The lenses you...
  22. Which old lens would make this kind of image?

    Hi Michael,

    none of the old lenses will take such pictures because they are all better corrected. If your custom-modified lens is just a part of an normal lens, any single convex lens e.g. loup...
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    Info on Liesegang Enlarger

    Hi Ole,

    sounds like you've been offered one of the 50's or 60's modell from Liesegang. The lower part is bulid like a table and made of wood, the upper part is a metal column. At least I used...
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    Metz Flash, help!

    Hi David,

    if you use a flash, all the light that will exposure your neg will come from the flash except the daylight is very bride or you want to mix daylight and flashlight. So the normal case...
  25. Pentacon Globica II camera, should i buy it?

    Hi Francis,

    the Globica is a little bit old-fashioned and only for studio or indoor working. The Tessar 210 is the standard-lens for 13x18 and still a good performer, but image-circle is thight...
  26. Schneider symmar-S 210/5.6 Multicoating lens. CONFUSED???

    Hi Calvin,

    the Compur-Electronic-shutter is long out of production and, concerning the electronic parts, hard to service. Linhof says that you can use 3x1,5 volts batteries instead of the no...
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    If it's size is 96x99 mm it could be a Linhof-Technika lensboard. They used to have an excentric hole.
  28. bausch & lomb zeiss convertible anastigmat 5 in.-9 in. f 6.3

    sounds like Zeiss Protar Satz-Anastigmat, so look for information for that lens. Should be a decent performer if it's condition is right.
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    Hi Tony,

    the Tele-Arton should be a good tele-lens (actually I don't have one) and should be a better performer than the Tele-Xenar for LF. Your 85mm for the Retina is a different design. In...
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    Out of focus

    Hi Ross,

    you want to use Scheimpflug to get both foreground and background sharp. This will happen if the foreground is on one half of the pic and the background is on the other half. So the...
  31. Lenses optimized for close up vs. diffraction limits

    Hi Eric,

    just a few remarks based upon my experiences: I've used an 150mm Apo- Ronar MC at about 1:2 and compared with 180mm Sironar-N MC. Both results were very good and you couldn't tell the...
  32. Linhof Master Technika- widest cammable lens 75 or 72mm?

    Hi, I think ist's impossible because Linhof stopped making cams before the 72 SA was available. For the differences consult the data-sheets from You should consider what you...
  33. Opinions on Schneider"Convertable" 135 f5.6

    Hi, just a few remarks: Linhof-selected lenses are at least good ones, in case of quality-controle you are on the right side; hope the price is not too high. 135mm Symmar is a good starter-lens but...
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    Arca Wwiss Vs Linhof

    Hi benz,

    actually I owne the Kardan E, too. It's the low budget version of a studio-camera, still big and can't be folded to a compact size for hiking. Normaly when I shoot landscapes I use a...
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    75mm lens question

    Hi John,

    the main differences are image-circle and speed: an 75mm oszillo-lens will not cover 4x4'', it was mostly designed for 1:1 ratio on polaroid. And because the signal on the...
  36. Experience with Apo-Ronar 360/9 and Sch. 400HM?


    if you focus on sharpness, then the Apo-Ronar might be the better choice. But remember, the Tele-Xenar is a new design and shouldn't have as much distortion as older tele-lenses. For...
  37. Names of Famous Photographers That Use Linhof

    Have a look at Japan: Shinzo Maeda uses Technika, Toyo Field and Hassi.
  38. Schneider 165mm f6.8 Schneider Angulon coverage


    go to Schneider USA web-site ses/angulon/data/6,8-165mm.html
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    Film holders for antique cameras

    and don't forget that they used glass-plates at that time. So for todays sheet film you need thin plates that were insert first to fix the film in the right position. Another point of weakness is...
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    Wide lenses for 4X5

    If you look at the data sheets you will see that you will always have a fall off towards the edges because the lens design is the same for 65, 75 or 90 mm. The only thing that changes is the size...
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