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  1. Got My Prints Back... I Am STUNNED!!!

    Anybody process Fuji Supergloss themselves? Any concerns with this material?
    I know labs like WCI can do it for me, but I like the control.
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    Velvia user giving Astia a try

    Ben Chase about 80-90 percent of people that have purchased prints from me have asked whether or not the image was modified in Photoshop

    Of course, just use Corel Paint Shop Pro and then you can...
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    Handheld 4x5 - what an experience!

    While its true that the mass of the camera causes it to be more steady allowing longer exposures that is countered by the potential of enlarging more with LF negatives. If you are only contact...
  4. Fotar 8x10 Enlarger used horizontally?

    I'm not directly familiar with this enlarger, but I noticed an earlier post about 10x10 enlargers and Arthur Nichols seems to have mounted his horizontal.

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    Too Cool!

    Hmm, looks like the college camera club darkroom (years ago) before we banished (by unanomous vote) a certain individual that didn't know what the word "cleanup" meant.
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    Okay, this is getting ridiculous...

    Oh I aggree, except that given the amount of curvature on a camera lens its probably 8 times more work for each surface. But again, looking at the ebay prices mentioned, it makes you wonder..

  7. How NOT to Do Large Format, Illustrated -- :o)

    ..Reminds me of the time I was using a LF camera in a touristy type place. While I was doing something...

    That reminds me of a time I tried to use my 4x5 in public for the first time, (I had...
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    husband and wife photographers

    I believe from observation that, compared to other professions, there are more husband wife teams.
    Does anybody have any statistics?
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    Okay, this is getting ridiculous...

    Some amateur astronomers often grind their own mirrors and sometimes a refractory objective.
    At these prices, I wonder if any resouceful photographers are grinding their own lenses.
    I know of a...
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    View Camera's

    "Does anyone know what the difference between an 'X View' Camera and a 'Super View' Camera?"

    Ursula - I noticed where you put the quotes in your question -- and figured you weren't talking about...
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    Nikkor 135mm repair- I made an uh-o...

    afterthought - I would hope the guy in the video -clip does not own a gun.

    It was on a Geocities site I think.
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    Nikkor 135mm repair- I made an uh-o...

    Does anyone have the link to a video of what appeared to be a pro in a studio who completely lost it? It shows that after realizing that he had no film in the magazines, following an important shoot...
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    Sharing an example of our work.

    I hope the new system will allow click on links to a high res image or a link to a video file to demonstate what we are trying to show when the file sizes are too large for your server. I agree in...
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    step wedge film

    The manufacturer will have traceability from certified photometry instruments to a national standards lab (such as the NIST in the US) and used to measure (calibrate) the wedge just after it was...
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    I'd be willing to bet alissa will not post again after these responces -

    If she is still reading - my suggestion: start taking photos of subjects you are interested in and pay close attention to...
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    LF on a Cruise ship

    Anybody know of a good shock absorbing (vibration absorbing) mount to go between the tripod and camera?
    I've seen (in the background of someone's vacation video) a guy using what appeared to be ...
  17. Thread: camera

    by Terence Spross


    So, jnanian, how were the negative positive prints made with these cameras? This is interesting. You mention the direct positive paper was low contrast and usually dark. When they made better prints...
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    4x5 roll film adapter

    I am aware of a camera that was made around the 50's that used 5inch wide roll film (intended to be cut from longer aerial rolls. The space in the camera allowed for a ~2Inch diameter spooled or...
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    Airport metal detectors and film...

    I don't know about Arista but some boxes I have use a thin aluminum foil molded into the black plastic bag that holds the film.
  20. Why does the US seem to produce LF photographers?

    2 points:

    Nobody has mentioned Africa: Recently, I was talking to a Pro (on a non-pro vacation) returning from Africa and that was one of his formost comments was the amount of photographers...
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    K. B. Canham 20x24" cmaera

    I hope my comments don't insinuate that camera craftsmen making excellent cameras are charging too much. On the contrary, I understand the effort involved in custum design and construction of...
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    K. B. Canham 20x24" cmaera

    Whenever I see such a large sum for equipment I wonder if someone has actually thought it out in terms of cost per shot compared to a cost per shot for an alternative method to achieve the same goal....
  23. Former RAF Photographer seeks some help and advice

    The term Digital negative is why Eric Rose assumed you were talking about Platinum Palladium Printing , and I might differ that Epson printer output is exactly like such a print. However, what I am...
  24. Your Copyright may be "orphaned" - new ammendment

    point understood but

    When I wrote that -- I was actually was thinking of a photo I took of detergent suds in a creek in a public park that had no restiction or permits required for photography)...
  25. Forum moderators must make tough judgement calls

    suggestion to those who become grammatically impaired when they are impassioned: email direct comments to a contributor friend (who is thick skinned - as jj used to say everybody should be -- based...
  26. Your Copyright may be "orphaned" - new ammendment

    One example of how a photographer might get paid under the new amendment:
    A photographer is busy with his/her day job and/or current endeavors and isn't paying attention to an earlier work that...
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    Distilled water, any use in darkroom?

    A few years ago I saw a pro (probably from NYC) and an assistant arguing about creek water on the side of the road as they were in the Adirondaks and needed to process on site to meet a deadline, it...
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    Actually because of the effects of the polarizer on the scene, I would prefer to use a through the lens meter, but alas my LF has no meter. I'm aware that there are ground glass meters or adapters...
  29. Dispute over African photographer's images

    One more thing..
    Michael, I see after re-reading your post of 1-23 that your opinion (if I understand it) is that only the photographers prints should count - its his work and no one else should...
  30. Dispute over African photographer's images

    Michael, I see this is an early example of what I was talking about. His prints lacked quality be todays standards. But his composition was apparently very good. In this case his work was re-printed...
  31. Processing unknown film type - what is it?

    Ilford color neg chemistry at 76 F

    Could the 76 degrees be a clue it was equivalent to C22?

    Did the negatives you got appear to be a B&W emultion? - i.e. color negs processed in B&W chemistry...
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    most original screw up

    Did you know - Dektol has a "salty-weird-and slippery feel on the roof on your mouth."

    {No, it wasn't me - but when I was in college another photography club member was gagging at the drinking...
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    Baffle in 4x5, possible stereo use

    I'm wondering if anyone else has a baffle in there LF camera to limit exposure to a certain area.

    I aware that some photographers use modified slides: i.e. pull out regular slide and put in cut...
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    Is color a distraction?

    I agree with Ken Lee - this has to do with cognitive processing. While he didn't directly say that, he described it. Since B&W is a serious distortion of reality (Unless the subject is a snowman...
  35. Taking the plunge into ULF ! Building my own...

    Oops - Well I did it again, posting to a thread way out of date.
  36. Taking the plunge into ULF ! Building my own...

    The process camera sounds like an opportunity, many process cameras have vacuum film holders that are usually serviced from an adjoining integral dark room. That might be part of the 10ft length. If...
  37. Taking the plunge into ULF ! Building my own...

    The process camera sounds like an opportunity, many process cameras have vacuum film holders that are usually serviced from an adjoining integral dark room. That might be part of the 10ft length. If...
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    for-sale posts and auction plugs

    In another thread - posters were looking for better availablity of sheet film and trying to split and or corordinate purchases to meet minimim ordering requirements. Then a poster invited a sales...
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    Why make photographs?

    It brings me to the point where I don't need it, or can no longer use it to experience what I am brought to.
    Yes there are people to whom travel has to have a purpose, just going to "get away from...
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    Electronic view camera

    I'm very surprised this was granted a patent:
    Patents are not supposed to be granted if they are a normal extension of the art.

    Although I often use my video camera on a tripod that is actually...
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