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  1. Re: Marrutt CP450 - How to do a test strip ?

    Dave - the same thing is also available from Firstcall Photographic here in the UK.........
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    Re: apo rodagn 135mm in copal shutter?

    The 135mm Rodagon cells don't fit directly into a size 0 shutter but the equivalent 135mm Schneider Componon-S cells do.
  3. Re: Schneider SA 90mm XL removable rear flange? Serial Numbers ->

    And mine showing the same.....
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    Re: Show off your Large Format camera!

    Nice match Keith - glad it worked out!

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    Re: 11x14 affordable lenses

    The 305mm G-Claron also covers, albeit without as much room as the 355mm.......
  6. Re: Need help with a Sinaron Lens (DB Mount)

    Sinaron-S 210mm f/5.6 cells will fit a Copal 1 shutter, yes. The aperture scale on the shutter needs to match that focal length as well to be correct for the new cells. Sometimes thin shim rings are...
  7. Re: Cooke Series XVa Convertible - Opinions and Experiences?

    Just the field how do you protect the lens groups that are not being used?
  8. Re: Schneider Symmar-S Ebay offer question?

    The only major difference is that the Nikkor-W has multicoating which may result in slightly higher contrast and more resistance to flare, but this doesn't really make the Symmar a "worse" lens.....
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    Re: Comparison of 110-125mm lenses

    There is a Makro-Symmar 120 HM and a Super Symmar 120 HM. I guess the latter is what is being referred to.
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    Re: Copal 3 equivalent with round diaphragm

    You might get a rounder aperture from a Compur 3.....
  11. Re: 11 x 14 Camera for rental/borrow in London or UK (student help!)

    PM sent
  12. Re: AWB Wind Stabilization kit - can I get a picture of one?

    Thanks Louis - that's the only photo I did find. From the rather small photos I was unsure exactly how it attaches to each standard so I was hoping for a bit more detail or experience. I'll have to...
  13. AWB Wind Stabilization kit - can I get a picture of one?

    I'm considering buying the AWB wind stabilization kit for my homebrew 11x14 but I'm having trouble finding clear pictures of it to see if it is suitable for fitting to my camera. Can anybody post a...
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    Re: post your trees!

    Lake McDonald, Glacier NP, Cropped 5x4 on Tmax 100 in RS developer.
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    Re: post your trees!

    Cottonwood, Zion NP. Cropped 5x4 on Tmax 100 in RS developer (apologies for low resolution - how do I insert a bigger image?!)
  16. Re: Usability of the Chamonix Saber vs. Polaroid conversion

    Personally I prefer the handling of the Saber - the layout just feels more intuitive to me, especially in landscape orientation. In the past I have owned a Littman, and still have a Four Designs...
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    Re: Please help me. Horseman viewer

    Unfortunately you are missing the hinged adapter frame for Horseman cameras. Your viewer fits only the Sinar ground glass frame without the adapter.
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    Re: Nikkor T ED 800/1200 and 8x10

    In the past I've owned and used the Nikon 600mm and 800mm on 8x10 without vignetting. I didn't record the movements I used but I don't recall that coverage was a huge issue in real life used at near...
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    Re: v11 deardorff or chamoix 16x20 camera?

    If you enjoy the Deardorff "feel" I echo the sentiment that it is a nice idea to "upsize" from a V8 to a V11. That said I have found that my V11 is really too big and heavy for the kind of things...
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    Poll: Re: 11x14 Lenses- Typical Bellows Draw

    The 11x14 that I made is sort of limited to the camera parts I used. It is based on Arca-Swiss rails so that is the limiting factor in terms of length vs stability. I got lenses that suit the camera...
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    Re: Advantages of Sinar Shutter f4 v f5.6

    I believe that DB is an abbreviation for the German word "Druckblende" - meaning in this context something like "shutter and aperture unit".......
  22. Re: Tiny white spots on TMY in Tmax RS - any advice?

    Thanks John - I'll give plain water a try.
  23. Re: Tiny white spots on TMY in Tmax RS - any advice?

    Thanks Gem - I am using an acid stop bath. Would this make a difference?
  24. Tiny white spots on TMY in Tmax RS - any advice?

    I'm developing TMY sheets and 120 rolls in a small tank with TMax RS developer and I'm getting very small white spots on the negative (ie tiny emulsion "pinholes") under a 10x lupe. It doesn't happen...
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    Re: Lens for 11X14 format

    Nikkor-M 450/9 is relatively light without feeling too "wide"......
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    Re: Which lenses take this 120mm filter?

    I think I have some Heliopan 120mm stepping rings to allow it to be used on smaller lenses.....let me know if you have a need.
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    Adding front swing to Deardorff?

    Just a "feeler" at this stage - has anyone here added front swing to an early (non-front swing) 11x14 Deardorff?

    Are there any parts currently available to do this conversion (I've read about the...
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    Re: verdict on Horseman VH

    If the inconveniences that Oren mentions don't put you off the Horseman field cameras, the 45 FA might be a better bet. It's only slightly bigger and heavier but has the same design as the VH. A...
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    Re: Super Symmar 110 shutter help

    Mine didn't have a shim either - but perhaps shims were added as required for individual samples?
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    Re: Super Symmar 110 shutter help

    Without wanting to add further distress to the OP I have in the past been in a similar situation and I was advised by Schneider that the Super Symmar XL lenses should not have shutters swapped...
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    Re: Is this a genuine Schneider lens?

    Spelling corrected (with blushes) thanks!

    I didn't think to search to see if it had popped up before - thanks Dan.
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    Is this a genuine Schneider lens?

    I don't recognize the "Apo Symmar" font style.......and Kreuznach seems to be mis-spelt!
  33. Re: $900 for a 4.4 oz. Rodenstock Apo Grandagon Helical Focus Mount!

    I put together a Silvestri system some time ago (I no longer have it). For my use it was worth having Silvestri put the lenses in a focusing mount and their bayonet for me, despite the price. The...
  34. Re: 35mm reloadable film cassettes - plastic or metal better?

    You are right of course, it is not. Perhaps the moderators could delete or move the post.

    Thanks to those of you who took the time to help with my question (and apologies to those who I have...
  35. 35mm reloadable film cassettes - plastic or metal better?

    Apologies if this offends due to its small format nature!!

    I've just "inherited" some bulk 35mm film so thought I'd ask which type of reloadable film cassette readers prefer, and why. I might...
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    Re: 6x12 Backs - Horseman or Sinar Zoom or ?

    Not sure if this has already been covered but the Sinar slip-in types don't fit all non-Sinar cameras. The design prevents it from being fully inserted in some g/glass backs (it depends on the length...
  37. Re: Jobo 1000 Problems - Stops on Color, Works on B&W.

    I had this problem with mine but I never solved it (no longer have the unit). Mine would start working again as soon as the temperature dropped (refilling the water jacket with cold water did the...
  38. Re: Linhof Universal Finders - Synopsis of versions and capabilities?

    Just curious: I have what I assume is a late type finder but it has 72mm, 80mm and 110mm positions as well as a 400mm setting in a different colour (presumably for the then-new Schneider XL lenses)....
  39. Re: My problems with long exposure times with RA4. Any advice?

    Check you haven't dialled in a neutral density filter as well. Some Dursts have a variable ND filter in the head. Could it be in the light path?
  40. Re: The difference between normal large format lenses and macro lenses.

    I heard that Harry Cory Wright once tried the Nikkor 210 AM-ED lens on his bespoke 8x10 Gandolfi P&S and found it soft and lacking coverage for general use. Looks like he uses a 240mm...
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