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    Re: Just bought a Nikkor 75mm SW f/4.5

    If it's a good example you got a screaming deal. I bought mine c.2000 (to shoot kitchens and bathrooms) and used it cost, IIRC, $900. A superb lens.
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    Re: Identifying a Darkroom Error?

    Hmm. I recall that the correct development time for C-41 was 3'15" @ 100.5F. That was in several different processing machines. But your process regimen is a bit different. I see no light leaks......
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    Re: Fuji Velvia or Provia for portraits?

    Portra film was designed for portraiture. It renders skin tones very nicely. Run an A-B-C-D comparison and see which you like better.
  4. Re: Can anyone help me misuse a Kodak X-omat 2000A Processor?

    It was probably designed for a high-energy developer- IIRC Kodak made a line of X-OMAT chemistry for this type of machine. Never used one myself. I think that you'll just have to burn some film...
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    Re: Lenses Minor White used?

    Luis, exactly right. and just what Mr. White might have said.
    And, not quite off-topic; if I was a curator at the GEM or elsewhere, I'd put together a show of the work he did while he lived in my...
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    Re: Lenses Minor White used?

    Some of what I've read about his work suggests that after WWII he used a Sinar (Norma) 4x5 and an early postwar Schneider Symmar 210/6.8 lens. That would be the first-generation Dagor-type Symmar,...
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    Re: Collodion - Wet Plate Images

    Not quite Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch, but close. Good people at that gathering and some very nice tintypes made- including that one. I even made my own first wet-plate image yesterday... a...
  8. Re: Lee filters with LF lenses and ultra long exposures

    Wrap your camera as well. I once tried an all-day exposure with two 4.0 ND filters- it was completely fogged. Never went back to it- and the next year I found my bellows had a pinhole in it. I'm...
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    Re: Other boards for Chamonix 45N-1

    @phillip2446, all the lens boards mentioned here are in the current Linhof Technika IV/V/Master style. The only camera I know of that takes the older Technika III lens boards is... the Linhof...
  10. Re: Thoughts on the Nikkor T 360/500/720 set?

    I rented a 500mm once, 20+ years ago (to shoot from the roof of a NYC skyscraper), and it was quite sharp. I've kinda wanted my own ever since...but without any real need I've never bought one. My...
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    Re: Lens spanner wrench

    Thanks, all. I remember Mr. Shuart from Shutterbug ads in the pre-internet days. Glad to hear he's still alive and kicking.
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    Lens spanner wrench

    Who sells a good one? I had one made by the late Stephen Shuart, but it has disappeared somewhere in my travels. They are useful tools.
  13. Re: Your Thoughts on Pre Soaking Sheet Film Prior To Development

    When I processed 4x5 in trays, I used a presoak so the sheets would not stick together. I added a pinch of Kodalk to the presoak tray- the slight alkalinity eliminated any sticking. That was my...
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    Re: Portable Studio Portraits

    Keep up the good work!
  15. Re: A 1000mm rear element for the Nikkor T-ED 600/800/1200mm lens set?

    It's heresy, I know, but I'd just use the 800mm lens and crop the negative to the desired image. One less thing to think about (and to carry into the mountains) and to deal with.
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    Re: Which 210mm F5.6 for portraits?

    And when you get some results you like, post 'em here!
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    Re: Ilex Acme Synchro vs non-Synchro

    That would make sense. If it was modified early on, the bi-post may only fire at 'M' for bulbs and not 'X' for electronic flash. Is there a selector switch for X, M, FP? With a bi-post to PC adapter...
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    Re: Which 210mm F5.6 for portraits?

    I've used (extensively) both a Kodak 8-1/2"/6.3 Commercial Ektar and a Fujinon-L 210/5.6. Both are fine lenses. I'd happily use either again if I was shooting LF portraits. Of course the Kodaks are...
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    Re: Idea for super-thin 0.3mm glass plate

    I don't see how this would help your photographs. On the other hand, if you like to tinker with things, go for it.
  20. Re: Bogen 3036: Replacement levers for leg locks?

    Mine has the same problem, but after 30+ years of service I can't complain. Manfrotto offered to repair it (but I've declined so far). In fact I'm tired of hauling it around- and the early 3047 head...
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    Re: Supposed Jesse James tintype

    In the 21st century, where everything has been photographed (and can be found on the internet), it's easy to think that such has always been the case.
    It certainly wasn't that way in the 19th...
  22. Re: Should I polish my rosewood Wista camera?

    Renaiassance Wax was recommended to me by the makers of my Zone VI. I've done that maybe twice in 25 years. Certainly the highest-quality product, you can find it at art-supply houses.
  23. Re: What's your favorite (CHEAP) 75mm lens?

    miket, it's unlikely that the Mamiya lenses will cover 2x3- but at those prices it's worth a chance. The Kodak 80/6.3 Wide Field Ektar was designed for your Graphics and should do very well. A clean...
  24. Re: What material are non-netallic shutter blades made of?

    Nicely done. Few people would be willing to tackle such a project and fewer would have the skill to make it work properly. Congratulations!
  25. Re: 50 years from now .... Ask your question or respond !

    I read through this thread and I think of Edward Weston's portrait of Karl Struss... showing him standing next to his (personalized) motion-picture camera and peering through a viewing filter....
  26. Re: The return of film hasnít hit LF camera prices yet, apparently.

    Ahh, the Sinar UnHandy!
    (with apologies to Daniel Unkefer)
  27. Re: The return of film hasnít hit LF camera prices yet, apparently.

    Nice. Great deal. Hope you've got studio space to keep it in. Wait, wait, don't tell me- you're going backpacking with it!
  28. Re: Mounting a 210mm f6.8 Wide-Field Raptar in a Shutter

    I've seen a lot of Rochester-made lenses, but have never even heard of this one. I'd guess it was meant to cover 8x10 but who knows? I'd try it- maybe four sheets of film- before going to the expense...
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    Re: omega lens cones produce reflection

    I've seen that forever- but I have never seen any effect on any of my prints. I gave up trying to figure out where it comes from.
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    Re: Ilford ULF program is on for 2018

    Yep, we all have to shoot enough unusually-sized film to keep the program going. And to keep Ilford profitable. I don't work with ULF- my special-order film is a size that can only be mentioned in...
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    Re: Hello from the US midwest

    Welcome! If you like British cars, there are British lenses; by Cooke, Dallmeyer, Wray, and many more. And if you can find one, a Gandolfi, the Rolls-Royce of wooden cameras. Ilford film & paper. And...
  32. Re: Whutizzit? brass peg/screw on back of Copal #3 housing

    It's a locating pin to keep the shutter from rotating on the lens board. Generally a good idea to use it- by drilling a small hole in the right location. You can just remove the screw and mount the...
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    Re: Kreuznach Schneider

    Kreuznach is simply the city where Schneider is/was based. The Symmar-S line was introduced around 1972 and multicoated later in the 70s. The Apo-Symmar lenses were introduced around 1990. Symmar-S,...
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    Re: Mottled skies

    How long is your usual development time? Are you using single-sheet hangers or the 4-up type? It's worth finding the Kodak publication "Photography with Large Format Cameras"; it has an excellent...
  35. Re: Interesting curiosity: K L Biggs Gee Pee 4x5 camera, claimed to be aerial

    The lens is coated and post- WWII. I had one for a while, in a Compur shutter. Obviously the Copal shutter is fairly modern. So likely not original to the body?
    It could very well be an aerial...
  36. Re: Art Festivals vs. Craft Fairs, resources and markets

    The traditional attitude of "$100 or less for an impulse buy" has kept me from ever thinking of showing at art/craft fairs. My photographs cost more than that to make. YMMV.
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    Re: Your Favorite Portraitists

    The late Evelyn Hofer is not appreciated enough. See her work in "London Perceived" (an early influence on me) and "Dublin: A Portrait". She made many other city-themed books, all now out of print:...
  38. Re: 760mm Apo Nikkor f/11 vs Nikkor-T ED 800mm f/12

    The backup Hubble mirror made by Kodak (my division but not me) is on display at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in Washington. No doubt, an amazing optic; but it would be impractical for...
  39. Re: Review of three books on Berenice Abbott

    Miss Abbott was a great artist and an important figure in photography's history; studies such as these are welcome and long overdue.
    Last year I saw the 'Paris Portraits' book in the shop at the...
  40. Re: Disaster strikes - tell me your stories.

    Dropped my new 180/5.6 Nikkor-W of the edge of a cliff, watched it tumble down 60 or 80 feet and land at the water's edge, then bounce into the waters of Penobscot Bay. I could see the cable release...
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