View Full Version : RAndom Question

I M Russ
5-Feb-2013, 20:28
Forgive a newbie question but what is it with this random question you must answer with each post? I assume there must be a positive reason for its existance, I just can't figure out what it is.

Ralph Barker
6-Feb-2013, 06:05
Are you clicking the "Remember Me" box when you log in?

I M Russ
6-Feb-2013, 18:43
I am now but the question is still there and it will not let me post if I do not provide an answer or my answer is incorrect

Nathan Potter
6-Feb-2013, 19:01
I see the same thing and I was under the impression there was no way to avoid the dumb question. It's simply to make sure you preview your post for correctness? :confused:

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

6-Feb-2013, 22:25
I have never seen a question to answer before posting. I always check the "Remember Me" box when I have to log in.


Ralph Barker
6-Feb-2013, 23:56
The "random question" feature applies only to newly-registered members, and is intended to prevent posting bots from filling the forum with spam posts. We still get occasional spam posts from newly-registered members, but they are quickly reported, deleted, and the spammer banned.

The random question will not appear after the member has been promoted after the first 30 days.