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31-Jan-2013, 11:06
Hello all,
My mentor and I are planning on having an exhibition in March. For sure, we will get $1,200 grant from the university. Now, I am having problem in cutting down the costs for mat board and frame.
I looked up lots of websites, and found out that B&H offers nice price for pre-cut mat board 4-ply, it's around $69.5/5pack. Picturefram.com has frames (18x24'') for $17-$20/each. Due to the limited budget, I am $200 short.
I need help in finding cheaper frames and pre-cut mat boards.

Print size - 13x19'', will be 18x24'' including the frame

Please feel free to share whatever products that you have experience with.
Thank you for your time!!!!

Roger Thoms
31-Jan-2013, 11:15
I'd check out Frame Destinations, here a link for precut mat board, they can also do custom sizes, and also have cotton rag board. Check out their frames too. Great company, fast, efficient, and everything is packed extremely well. http://www.framedestination.com/mat_board/papermat__4ply/item/mtpape0000/


31-Jan-2013, 11:21
OMG! this is a lot cheaper than B&H. $ 4/double mat! Did you order mat board or frames from them, Roger? good quality?

Roger Thoms
31-Jan-2013, 11:51
Here's a thread from a while back that might be helpful. I order frames and mat board, and foamcore for backer board, although I cut my own windows.



Jon Shiu
31-Jan-2013, 11:51
Price would depend on whether you need a 100 percent cotton rag board or can go with a cheap paper board. Also, whether a backing board is included.


31-Jan-2013, 11:56
looks like they all had great experience with FDI, i will call them and get a quote. thanks for sharing

31-Jan-2013, 13:55
def. frame destination, they are a great company and fast shipping.

Jim Jones
1-Feb-2013, 11:41
Ditto Frame Destination.