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29-Jan-2013, 08:21
Hi!, my name is Jeff. I have just gotten back in to photography and have always wanted a 4x5. about a month ago an opportunity presented itself for me to learn wet plate photography which I really really enjoy. I have been lurking on this forum for a while now and soaked up as much knowledge as I can. I am now at a point where I may need some help and also be able to share what knowledge I do have so I decided to join.

Gem Singer
29-Jan-2013, 10:10
Hi Jeff,

Texas is a large state. Where in the state are you located?

There is an active group of LF photographers in the DFW metroplex.

29-Jan-2013, 10:14
I'm actually right in the middle of DFW in North Richland Hills (east edge of fort worth.)

29-Jan-2013, 10:24
Welcome to the forum Jeff. :)

Andrew O'Neill
29-Jan-2013, 10:30
Welcome aboard, Jeff. You made a wise choice joining the best LF forum on the planet!

30-Jan-2013, 11:42
Welcome, Jeff. PM sent.

Darren H
31-Jan-2013, 04:48
Welcome, Jeff.

Watch for some of the local DFW get togethers that Gem or Michael put together. They get a good turn out of a local large format photographers.

If you do not mind driving over to Cowtown we have a very active photography group in the Fort Worth Camera Club. 200+ members, mostly digital but 6 or 8 of us have large format cameras too. Find the website at


brian mcweeney
31-Jan-2013, 11:53
Welcome Jeff.

Gem Singer
31-Jan-2013, 12:25
Hey Brian,

Remember the DFW LF outing in Ft. Worth's Trinity Park?

There were at least twenty tripod mounted LF cameras on the ground that morning.

This image was made with an 8x10 Canham Traditional camera and HP-5+ film.

You and I were deciding on the proper exposure,using a spot meter.


31-Jan-2013, 14:11

brian mcweeney
1-Feb-2013, 07:31
Hi Eugene!
Yes, I remember that LF outing with much fondness.
Let's all do that again soon.


PS - Jeff, these LF get-togethers are great. Hope to see you at one in the near future.

1-Feb-2013, 07:32
Sure thing! Maybe I'll bring some homebrew :)

3-Feb-2013, 22:28
Hello and welcome!