View Full Version : The Gregory Crewdson documentary in Chicago, Friday the 25th of January, 6:00 showing

David R Munson
21-Jan-2013, 21:54
I'm going to see the Gregory Crewdson documentary at the Gene Siskel film center in Chicago on Friday the 25th at 6:00 PM.

Anyone else want to go?

21-Jan-2013, 23:05
They really need to start releasing this to the general public…there's a whole world outside of the US that wants to see this film! :)

David R Munson
22-Jan-2013, 08:24
Yeah, even here it's been a long wait. At least the Alec Soth documentary can now be purchased as a digital download - I hope they do the same with the Gregory Crewdson doc!