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21-Jan-2013, 05:26
Hello. My name is Wojtek, I come from Katowice in Poland. I do not have a LF camera yet. I've registered to the forum some time ago as I intend to go into the 4x5 world sooner or later. I wanted to find some useful information that would help me in choosing the right gear for my needs and budget. I am interested in film (and film only at the moment) and I have a 35mm (contax g2) and three MF (6x7 mamiya rz67, 6x6 yashica mat TLR and 6x9 zeiss ikon ercona II folder) cameras. You can see a lot of my photos on flickr: flickr.com/wojszyca (http://www.flickr.com/photos/wojszyca).

I have first question that I hope forum members would answer (I am about to post it in lens section) so I decided it's a good moment to indroduce myself first.


21-Jan-2013, 09:07
Hi Wojtek, hope you find your LF kit soon

John Kasaian
21-Jan-2013, 09:22
Welcome aboard!

Peter Lewin
21-Jan-2013, 10:20
You found a great source for information, welcome! This was the first time in the "modern world" that I've seen Katowice mentioned (at least in the U.S.). My father was born in Katowitz when it was still part of Germany, and moved a short distance from there after the plebiscite (when it became Polish) in order to stay on the German side of the border. He had to flee Germany during the Holocaust, but that's another story.

Edit: Thanks for the link to your photostream, its the first time I've seen what Katowice looks like, nice photos!

Emmanuel BIGLER
21-Jan-2013, 12:29
Hello from France, Wojtek and welcome to the club.
There are many Europeans here!
I'm sure that you'll find all the information you need for your projects !

21-Jan-2013, 15:43
Hello Wojtek,

Whilst I live on the opposite side of the world, I have family in Katowice, so I'm obliged to welcome you here :) This forum is a great place for finding and sharing LF information.

21-Jan-2013, 16:15
Hey, thank you all for a warm welcome! I already feel like home, even more so with Peter's and cluttered's Katowice connections! That's really nice and unexpected! Peter, your family story sounds really fascinating! I am very interested in the complicated history of my surroundings. My parents were not originally from here, they moved in shortly before I was born (and that was 35 years ago) but I really feel it's my place on Earth. And as you can see from my photos on flickr it's not an easy place to love, not very beautiful in the traditional understanding. But all that makes it even more fascinating for me.
Thanks again everyone!

Andrew O'Neill
24-Jan-2013, 15:10
Welcome aboard, Wojtek!