View Full Version : How about PNW LFers get together....in WA or BC or both ?

Leszek Vogt
17-Jan-2013, 02:13
I'm just throwing this out and to see if it sparks some interest among the LF group. Not sure what the best time would be, but first or second week of June would work for me...though I could stretch that even into July. I know there are several 'togs in lower BC, some here in WA, OR and some would possibly travel from other areas. As to the subject/s, that could be somewhat illusive....I mean (w/o bragging) we can see 3 natl parks from Seattle. Realistically though, we could choose No. Cascades for a session or two and then follow up with point/s of interest in Canada. The weather should be cooperative around that time.

Anyway, would like to hear input from those that are in the area and also those that would be interested in participating from other parts of US and Canada....a true international effort. Ok, lets talk this out till we are blue....

Hope to hear some feedback and (hopefully) workable suggestions.

Thanks and hope to see 'yo all here. Frank, you're welcome too ;).


PS I'm not exactly strategically placed, but I'm appx. 20 min from the SEATAC airport....and I could do some
transportation shuffling for those that arrive at odd hours. Just keep in mind that 9AM for me it's like 5AM for
most...it's a friggen middle of the night. Rick, what happened to the snoring imecon ?:D

Brian C. Miller
17-Jan-2013, 07:06
... But we're not supposed to discuss the midnight flight film smuggling in public! ;) :p

I was planning on doing the same thing, seeing if there was any interest in a PNW get-together. Certaintly, we have a number of LF junkies in the Seattle area. Today I'm schlepping my 4x5 into my new workplace because it's up on the 20th floor in downtown Seattle, and at the moment the windows are relatively clean. There's some really nice shots! I wonder if I can get permission to get up on the roof some time.

Annie M.
17-Jan-2013, 08:56
Come and visit me on Vancouver Island and do some beach shooting :)

Leszek Vogt
17-Jan-2013, 13:20
Brian, I'm off in few to Alki Point to catch the remainder of this nice fog....you should have a cool view from there.

Annie, I could easily spend a week on the island (again)...from Sooke to Telegraph Cove. But, this time I want to approach it from Powell River.
Hmmm, by then the showers at Goldstream PK should be operating. Anyhoo, I'd be happy to twist some arms...if you are. Some of the flower junkies might veer off to B. Gardens....and there is some danger that they may never want to leave the island :D.


17-Jan-2013, 20:57
Hey, I'm in. I'm from the Seattle area but spend a lot of time in the North Beach area on the Olympic Peninsula.


Brian C. Miller
17-Jan-2013, 22:44
Brian, I'm off in few to Alki Point to catch the remainder of this nice fog....you should have a cool view from there.

Oh, yeah. Cool view.


That was it. The whole day. The fog stopped off at First Ave, and the rest was just gloomy. Not enough to actually give a "menacing" or "shrouded" look, just gloomy.


Tomorrow the forecast is for partly cloudy. Maybe I'll be able to get something then.
(When the sun was shining earlier this week, that building facade was just golden! Then I bring in a camera, and this. At least my coworkers are kind of awed by my Toyo. I had to explain film to them, and view cameras. 210mm Nikkor lens, f22, 1/2 sec., shifted the lens down, didn't need any swing.)

Leszek Vogt
17-Jan-2013, 23:08
Got some cormorants sitting on pylons (on my MAT)...and one was drying its feathers...barely saw the skyline in the thin fog. At least it was Velvia.....not exactly lots of drama.

Senior Chambers, I'm glad you're joining in. I would like to hear preferences as to "best" spot we ought to check out. Is your vote for N. Beach ? What about Canada ?

Annie M., are you going to join us here....that is before we storm Canada ?

I'm just wondering if choosing two sites is too ambitious ? Anyone from down-under...urrr, I mean Calif....though it would be nice to see the Ausie mates, as well.


18-Jan-2013, 09:41
Sorry to be to vague. I'm really in for anywhere. I would suggest the Olympic Peninsula but it's a bit out of the way and would add to travel time. Same with the North Beach area. North Cascades are in between Seattle metro and Vancouver metro but that shafts our friends from Oregon. Vancouver Island is wonderful and would be a great place to shoot. We could pick the Palouse. Stunning place to shoot and about as far for everyone!


Annie M.
18-Jan-2013, 14:23
Vancouver Island is wonderful and would be a great place to shoot.

That is why I am staying home this summer! French, Mystic, China, Sombrio, Sand Cut... all great beaches in my neighborhood... super low tides usually early morning near month end in the summer... end of May should be lots of drifting fog... sea caves... tidepools. It is going to be fabulous!!

Brian C. Miller
18-Jan-2013, 14:45
See previous picture for current Seattle status.

Forecast next week is for rain.

18-Jan-2013, 16:57
Olympic Peninsula or Cascades would be fun, but I think the meeting place should be away from the road, and off the trail.

Map and compass required.

Two-night stay in the woods also mandatory – rain, sleet, hail, snow, fog, wind, or shine.

(Just a few ideas to weed-out any PNW landscape pretenders.) :D

Keith Fleming
18-Jan-2013, 21:44
You might add Port Townsend on the North Olympic Peninsula to the spots under consideration. Fort Worden State Park (at the official entrance of Puget Sound) has accommodations (the remodeled barracks and Officers Row), the really massive early-20th century concrete fortifications on Artillery Hill, and a nice lighthouse. Downtown has all those store buildings from the 1880's, and Uptown is chock full of Victorian homes. The marina has boats, of course, and there is a small aviation museum out at the local airport. Lots of restaurants in PT also. You can even stay in hotels downtown that were bordellos back in the Victorian era. Olympic National Park (and Hurricane Ridge) are only about an hour's drive from PT. For the really adventurous, you can even stay in the "Officer and A Gentleman" suite at the Tides Inn where they filmed the motel scenes--and the suite has a copy of the movie on hand if you wish to watch it. The nearby Bay View Restaurant (next to the ferry terminal) serves a breakfast big enough to keep you photographing all day. In addition, PT is, in my opinion, the most convenient location I know for photography. In fact, it's right outside my front door.