View Full Version : PixSafe slideshow/screensaver software for Windows

Mike Lease
14-Jan-2013, 23:26
Hello all, I've been a LFPF member for about a year now, a 4x5 shooter off and on since the late 1980s and just getting into 8x10. By day I'm an electronics hardware and software developer.

I have written a software package for Windows called PixSafe. PixSafe lets photographers and artists distribute high quality, high resolution electronic images of their work that can be viewed on a computer but canít be printed, screen-captured, displayed by other software or used in some other way that violates their copyright protection. PixSafe is very simple to use, a screensaver or slide show can easily be created in 10-15 minutes. There is much more information about PixSafeís capabilities/features and how PixSafe can help increase your sales on my website at www.flatironsphoto.com. There is also a free full-featured demo version of PixSafe with an example playlist that can be downloaded on the website.

This version is for Windows. I'm working on the Mac version and hope to have it available before summer. Any comments or questions are welcome.