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7-Jan-2013, 21:33
i was actually checking out the threads one day when i came across one, i think it was called "how do they do this? or something like that. anyway i couldnt find it again it was concerning an online printing service called printafewthings, i checked out there site and thought i would give them a try. 24x36 shipped for i think it was 20.00 maybe a bit cheaper, needless to say i was blown away by the print quality, some printing services i have tried online, when i recieved the print, the black and white had sort of a purple cast to it, this actually looks like a black and white photograph. anyway i just wanted to say if anyone thought about trying them out, do it, they are not fast by any means, my print took about a month and a half to get, they print in batches but the wait was worth it, i guess thats how they can do it so cheap. anyway try them i dont think you will be sorry.

8-Jan-2013, 05:36
Wow. I recall the initial thread and I'm going to have to bookmark that site!

8-Jan-2013, 08:42
i made a mistake in my first post, the print only took 3 weeks, seemed longer, i guess because of the holidays and my impatience : )) anyway they will get my business from now on. great product

8-Jan-2013, 14:43
Cool, thanks for the update! Will try them for sure.

18-Jun-2013, 15:40
I put in an order with printafewthings back in November, there were some issues that arose, because when Mike Morehouse, the owner, told me he was sending the prints, then when I called him a couple weeks later (because they still hadn't arrived), he said he hadn't sent them yet. This was a fairly minor issue, but should have been the alarm that there was more issues around the corner. Mike promised me several large prints on the house to make up for the inconvenience. This was a satisfactory gesture. anyone can make an error, but how they follow up with it is what matters.
When he did actually send the prints I was relatively pleased with them, but there was some damage, because the 30x40 I ordered was bundled with everything else, And the ends got smashed up. (The one large print was wrapped around the smaller ones, centered in the middle. The weight of the other prints sloshing back and forth was like a hammer to the ends of the big print tightly bound around them.)
When I called, Mike was quick to return my call and say he'd re print that for me and my other prints. Well, this is where it really went downhill. Weeks and months passed, I would no longer get my emails replied to, nor my phone messages answered. I left dozens.
I really wanted those prints, so I even offered to pay for the ones he said he'd do for free.
Finally he called, promised to take care of it personally, I up loaded my files again. Still nothing. Still, he was avoiding my emails and phone calls. And let me tell you, I we oils send them in bulk, like 10 at a time so it wouldn't get lost in the mix. Then he contacts me again, and says I should pay for my order, then he will print it right away. By now I was a bit wiser, so I said you print it, and ship it, then I'll pay. Again he promised to stay in touch, and stop ducking my calls and emails. He even said he'd take a picture of the prints so I knew he'd done them. Still nothing. No communication, no prints, nothing.
This guy, Michael Morehouse, from printafewthings is the biggest disappointment of a human being I've ever encountered, and I would trust a hungry fox in the hen house before I would trust a word from this guy. The thing is, I believe he had good intentions, but, the non stop lies coming from that guy finally pushed me over the edge. (I think 6mo. Of patience for this shit is all anyone can be expected to have right?) so now it's time to let the world know that this mans word is worthless, and do not ever, EVER, do business with printafewthings.

26-Jun-2013, 12:57
I don't really post much here (much more of a lurker). But I wanted to add a second voice warning of PrintAFewThings.com

I placed a small order on 5/23/13, for a batch that ostensibly closed that day and was supposed to ship 5/31. After not receiving the order by 6/7 (the day I expected to receive it), I left both a voice mail and an email with the company looking for a status update. On 6/11, I got a call from the owner, Mike, apologizing for the delay and explaining some of the reasons for it. He assured me that it would be taken care of quickly, and that he would post an update on their webpage explaining the reasons for the delay. Well, it appears that their web page has not been updated since at least 6/7, and I have received no status updates on my order.

As a result, I have contacted them today via voice mail and email, requesting that my order be cancelled and refunded. We'll see how long that takes...

I'll say this, I have no reason believe that this place is fraudulent in any way, I just suspect that they're in over their heads and/or the cash is running low. And I've seen more than one business in that kind of situation exhibit some pretty poor judgement. The concept is interesting, so I might check back in with them in a few months, but for now, I'd advise anyone to be very wary before committing an important or time-sensitive order with them (no matter how much lead time you give them.)


10-Aug-2013, 13:55
Print a Few Things doesn't deliver! After waiting for 6 weeks to receive three large prints, the owner Mike Morehouse called to say that due to unforeseen circumstances with his Asian connection delivery would take approximately 4-6 weeks more. I explained that I could not wait any longer to receive the photos as my clients have waited too long already, therefore I wanted my order cancelled and my $29.00 refunded. I explained that I would have to seek out another lab to produce the prints so that I could deliver to my client. That conversation took place in May, 2013 and after several emails, voicemails of requesting my refund as of today August 8, 2013 I have had no response. No response to my inquiries, no refund. I would strongly stay away from this company as they don't do business in a honest manner!