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2-Jan-2013, 15:27
Hi All,

Finally thought I'd take the plunge and say hello after lurking here for a while. I'm Fran, located in Ireland. Been shooting 35mm and MF and less and less digital. Ten took a punt on a speed graphic and got hooked. My nice new Chamonix 045N-2 arrived today..... looking forward to getting out over the next while to get used to it!!

All I can say is thanks for the info already gained, and TIA for that which has yet to come....


2-Jan-2013, 16:22
I'm envious! I'm looking at the Chamonix 045N-2 as well at the moment.

Andrew O'Neill
2-Jan-2013, 18:05
Welcome, Fran. Look forward to seeing what comes out of that little beauty.

AJ Edmondson
4-Jan-2013, 09:52
Welcome Fran... I am also envious - not of the camera but of the photographic opportunities which abound in Ireland. One of my favorite places with an abundance of super-nice folks!


4-Jan-2013, 09:57
Welcome to the forum. Nice camera... I hope you have rain protection for it!

5-Jan-2013, 08:39
Thanks for the welcome guys!

The camera is a beauty and very easy to set up and use. I'm very glad I hung out and went for it now, even though it was more money than I wanted to spend to start off with. The GG in particualr deserves mention for its brightness, it really is very bright indeed, even with a f8 lens.

I stuck a few shots on flickr



7-Jan-2013, 09:58
You have some very nice images on your Flicker account.

8-Jan-2013, 07:08
Thanks jameshendrix,

Only the most recent are LF, before that mainly 35mm and MF film and interspersed with digital too....

I've been out the the Chamonix a few times now and have to say I'm loving it. It is very easy and intuitive to use in the field, and very stable indeed. One of the things I realise now, is that the brightness of the GG is very good indeed on the Chamonix, and it makes taking the image so much easier. This is not so much in terms of composition (although it helps), but in terms of focus in particular. When using lens tilt, its very easy to get it close to correct without the loupe since the GG is bright. The loupe is only then needed for final adjustments. Mind you, I've yet to try it in really bright conditions, its been very dull indeed here the last few weeks.

I just got a new backpack the other day and that will make it even easier since everything will now fit in the one bag. The LF bug has bitten, and bitten in deep!


Steven Tribe
8-Jan-2013, 13:22
Nice to have a real "timberman" here!

We often talk in the dark about grain, skrinkage, old glues etc. in connection with new building of cameras and repairs!

12-Jan-2013, 12:39
A new Chamonix 045N-2!!! Must be the luck of the Irish...

Welcome aboard!