View Full Version : Novajet suitable for quality-printing from large format scans?

tor kviljo
13-Apr-2004, 09:49
Using a Agfa Arcus 1200 (handles both 4"x5" & 8"x10") for scanning my LF neg. & positives for digital output, I have so far been very satisfied with final output on Epson 2100 & Iris. However, for larger enlargements (which I hope to make soon) I have a Encad Novajet 700 LF-inkjet printer on hand (a 60" 600 dpi inkjet where both pigment-based & extended-life dye-ink is available). Do anyone of You have experience with these machine, and possibly also which RIP gives good results for photographic output. Any info appreciated!.

byard pidgeon
15-Apr-2004, 14:05
I have experience with older, 300 dpi Encads...based on those, which can produce "near" photographic results (looks photographic at 3 feet), I think your 600 dpi machine should be capable of "true" photographic quality. To save yourself time in both the creation of files, RIPing and printing, find out the "optimal" printing resolution of that printer (my guess is that it will be 225-300 ppi) and don't waste time and energy making any larger files than you need. Good rule of thumb is: one pixel in the file per each pixel in the final output.