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John NYC
13-Dec-2012, 21:55
A good friend went to L&I recently (a lab I have used extensively for the past couple years) to have some prints done, and they said they are closing -- going out of business -- at the end of the year.

Sad times. They did -- and do now until the end -- 8x10 color E6, etc.... you name it.

One of the nicest staffs to ever grace a photo lab ever, too.

Fond farewell.

Daniel Stone
13-Dec-2012, 23:53
This is L&I, not LTi, correct?

Just wondering.


John NYC
14-Dec-2012, 04:56

Drew Bedo
14-Dec-2012, 09:43
Houston now only has ONE comercial lab that will develop 8x10 e-6. Noone actually prints enlargements from film anymore. All negs and transparencies must be scanned and processed, then ink-jet printed here in Houston.

13-Jun-2015, 06:04
In NYC, I strongly recommend LTI Lightside (http://lti-lightside.com) for large format E-6 processing and Laumont Studios (http://www.laumont.com) for scanning and lovely jewel-rich color chromogenic darkroom prints. I have worked with both and found them to be extremely competent, gracious, accommodating and friendly. You should see the 4'x5' Fujiflex prints Angel at Laumont has made from my 8x10 chromes!

13-Jun-2015, 10:01
Very sad, hopefully they'll sell their large format enlargers instead of scrapping them! L

13-Jun-2015, 18:21
I've been using Laumont for 2 years now, and I don't think I've ever seen their enlargers in use. A shrine of sorts...but really, printing digitally from digital scans...of analog film has so much more going for it. Doing interpositives in register to control contrast when using enlargers was difficult and provided so little control in the printing. Of course, doing the scan is expensive.