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Gary Nylander
28-Nov-2012, 23:40
I received an email from this gallery in New York, Agora-Gallery ( http://www.agora-gallery.com/ ) they suggested that I submit some of my work for possible gallery representation, I though okay sound interesting, but what sent up a red flag was that if my work gets chosen , that I have to pay them $3850 every six months for "promotion" this would be in addition to the regular percentage fees that would be deducted from each print sale. Is this gallery legit ? or is some kind of scam ? I have never heard of such a thing before, just wondering if anyone out there has thoughts or experiences. Thanks very much !


Darin Boville
29-Nov-2012, 00:31
>>or is some kind of scam ? <<

Yes. They used to call these "vanity galleries"--they prey on artists.


29-Nov-2012, 03:22
Hmm.. I think the nearest photography gallery to me must be one of those because when I spoke to her she said her rates "were quite reasonable". I was a little surprised when she talked about rates. I didn't think that was how it works.

29-Nov-2012, 06:00
Its not really a scam per se, it is a pay to play gallery. If they like the work AND you can pay they will take you on. It does not garner the respect of galleries or curators that work what is considered the traditional way, i.e.. commission only. No harm in it but because of the nature of it arrangement, nearly anyone can get a show and press releases.

This thread comes up a bit and Angora is often mentioned, you may find more info and thoughts with a quick search of the gallery name here....


Gary Nylander
29-Nov-2012, 09:45
Thanks very much for the reply's guys.