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25-Nov-2012, 20:07
I am a recovering photojournalist. I got out of the business about 7 years ago.

I now work as a fireman and have a side gig making pictures. It has taken me 7 years to change into something other than 35mm. I have a toyo 4x5 that I have kinda fallen in love with.

I am looking forward to learning and sharing with members here.

25-Nov-2012, 20:47
Hello fellow Toyo shooter!

26-Nov-2012, 04:16
Welcome to the mad house.
Every one here is recovering from something the material world has thrown their way

Me, I'm still trying to get over my self :)

I reckon you should get an 8x10 if you want to be head over heals in love

You get to see more of her...

Oh I know size isn't everything.

But it gets you more chicks.

A big camera that is, well here in Australia it's less common I guess so
You tend to get a bit of a crowd when out.

Any way that's not thd reason to shoot.

But any way I'm just stirring thd pot

Must be some good shots you could take of houses burning down

26-Nov-2012, 10:36
Hello and welcome to the forum