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Robert Langham
23-Nov-2012, 13:28
Little show coming up, 20-25 prints for a month or two at a local gallery that only shows photographs. There's no "theme" other than trying to sell some photos for Christmas so I am putting up whatever I choose.

Non photographers don't know how HARD the presentation part is. Fun, but very difficult. I can't believe anyone actually does it. I've got enough frames and plex, just having to cut a few mats and , (mostly), switch out things that were in frames for newer work I'd like to see up on the wall.

Photos have to pass wall test to get in the portfolio. They have to thrive under glass on a rail in my studio, first as contact prints then as enlargements. Been thinking about the selection but just started framing today. I have 13 pieces in frames ready to go so far. As I build them out I am putting them along the studio wall. I've got a little bit of work out, 50 pieces scattered around regional museums including some pretty good places. Would love to have more.

84146 84147


Delivery time is late next week. Might have time to go in the darkroom one more time.....but probably won't Plenty to pick from.

Robert Langham
26-Nov-2012, 11:02
Digital images over to the gallery, with titles. They do a digital shopping cart function. Still framing away. More plex tomorrow. Gotta cut another few mats. Might be ONE more trip through the darkroom to get a Moonset, Shiprock.

84320 Clearing rain, Yosemite Valley.

84321 Moonset, Shiprock.

Kirk Gittings
26-Nov-2012, 12:18
Damn, that Shiprock image is superb.

26-Nov-2012, 14:17
those are fantastic, there was a fellow photographed "shiprock" from above, i saw it yesturday in "LF landscapes" post i believe it was, it was breathtaking as well. good luck on the show

26-Nov-2012, 14:19
in the first set of images, what size are those? 5x7?

Alan Curtis
26-Nov-2012, 16:39
I agree with Kirk, the Shiprock photo is one of the best I've seen from there. I have several with poor light that I just got rid of.

Kirk Gittings
27-Nov-2012, 11:41
Must have been a pretty long lens for that view with the moon that big. From the east looking west with maybe a 450 on 4x5?

Robert Langham
28-Nov-2012, 05:43
That's exactly right. Nikon 450. Stretches the Deardorff out! East looking West in November of about 2003. Kind of a cool morning, if I remember, and nothing hot to drink.

84429 Rockface that was dog-whistling me at Canyon de Chelly in October.

Robert Langham
29-Nov-2012, 18:28
Yes, 5X7 contacts. Some platinum, some silver, plus enlargements. Nearly done with the framing though I went from 9 til four today and spotted, matted and framed four big prints on one small print. Just a couple more and I am done. Great to see them in frames.


84583 Here's a little Shiprock detail you've never seen before.

Kirk Gittings
29-Nov-2012, 18:35
One of the names for shiprock I believe is Singing Rock.

Robert Langham
4-Dec-2012, 12:46
Prints delivered. Going to be fun to see how they are sequenced and grouped. Quite a selection. I'm sure Tammy Cromer-Campbell will do a great job. I made only the gentlest of observations about the subject matter in the prints. TCC Photo Gallery, 207 North Center Street, Longview, Texas in conjunction with a city art walk held that evening.


Robert Langham
4-Dec-2012, 18:55
Here's the official announcment.


Erik Larsen
4-Dec-2012, 19:00
That print on the blog page is beautiful I think. Good luck with the show!

4-Dec-2012, 19:53
what size matts for your 5x7 contact prints, they look very nice

Robert Langham
4-Dec-2012, 20:05
14X17. I had Light Impressions cut a bunch of 8 ply mats years ago and still have a bunch. Too bad about light impressions!

4-Dec-2012, 20:13
they look really nice in the 14x17 matt, its sort of funny, in a previous post i said that there was a fellow that photographed shiprock from above that looked really cool, and as i scrolled down this thread a few minutes ago, you had the exact print that i saw posted in the forum, so i guess that fellow was you lol

4-Dec-2012, 21:00
Seconding that shiprock photo with the moon, it is most excellent.

Robert Langham
5-Dec-2012, 18:57
You know, I looked and looked for those aerials!

Robert Langham
8-Dec-2012, 05:48
84995 84996

Nice opening with a come-and-go crowd during a downtown artwalk in Longview. Sold five prints. Blurb book on the table. Nice little gallery with a couple of corners. Tammy Cromer-Campbell did a very good job sequencing and hanging the show. Prints looked good. Everyone home safe!

8-Dec-2012, 06:21
they look great Robert, I love those little 5x7 contacts

Robert Langham
11-Dec-2012, 09:47
Thanks. I bet that is where we are all going...handmaking our own papers and contact printing.

85259 Shiprock evening shadow, Platinum contact print.

17-Dec-2012, 04:34
This is good effort to collecting prints. I am also involved in this hobby. Can you share with me the rules to join a printing exhibition.

1. Don't spam.
2. Don't think about spamming.

Robert Langham
17-Dec-2012, 14:38
...Unless you have a lot of fresh pineapple.

26-Dec-2012, 16:01
Congrats on a fine looking show!

I will be spending all of January doing the same (but the gallery has the frames!!!!!! Almost cheating!)

Robert Langham
27-Dec-2012, 06:18
It's nice when they do the framing, that's for sure. Major work. I'm sure you will give us a heads up when your show is up!

86083 South Dike at Shiprock.

27-Dec-2012, 09:20
It's nice when they do the framing, that's for sure. Major work. I'm sure you will give us a heads up when your show is up!

I have a short annoucement posted, but will link to the PR stuff when I get it. My first one-person show back in 1985 had 33 prints (mostly 16x20 framed 20x24...should have been 24x28, but I did not have the money). My house became a framing shop! And my house measured 13' by 18' on the outside! Fortunately I slept in the attic.