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Robert Langham
20-Nov-2012, 18:35
Greetings! i'm hanging in there with sheet film as long as they keep making it!

83968 Shadow crossing road, Shiprock, New Mexico.

83969 Bullfrog in beaker, 1995.

Robert Langham
21-Nov-2012, 09:01
I do run a little photo blog, but it's not much.


Also a youtube Channel


21-Nov-2012, 16:28
Robert, I am enjoying your blog.

Andrew Tymon
22-Nov-2012, 07:51
Hey Robert, I enjoyed reading your blog also... I think I read it all! I used to live in Shreveport, Louisiana and remember the struggle to keep summer water temps low, I don't miss that one bit!

24-Nov-2012, 17:46
Andrew, that's funny - I used to live in Alexandria, LA (I was stationed there back in the mid 80's when I was in the USAF) and now live in "Southwest, Virginia" like you. Where are you? I am near Martinsville, an hour south of Roanoke.

Andrew Tymon
25-Nov-2012, 13:01
Randy, small world! I have been through Alexandria, LA many times on the way to Baton rouge and N.O. We moved here because a friend said "we never have tornadoes here" yeah right. I'm originally from the U.K and the landscape and weather are very similar to the. We live just outside Bristol.