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John Brady
20-Nov-2012, 10:10
I have heard that there is a reflection free acrylic that doesn't look fuzzy, is fairly scratch resistant and is not outrageously expensive.

I use Larson Juhl as my supplier and they sell tru vue brand. They have Optium museum acrylic but at $780 per sheet that one won't work for me.

Tru vue's reflection free acrylic is the typical fuzzy look.

When I can use glass I love the tru vue ultra vue but I do pretty large framed pieces and I haul them to art shows so glass isn't a good option.

I know I have talked to someone about this new product or read about it but can't remember where and my research isn't turning anything up. All help will be appreciated!


20-Nov-2012, 11:00
Call Precision Plastics in Beltsville, Maryland. Talk to Oliver (the owner). I don't know if they'll have what you want or not.

They have a huge inventory. The business fills half of a gigantic building in an industrial park.

- Leigh

Sal Santamaura
20-Nov-2012, 11:20
I recently obtained some Tru Vue Optium Acrylic (AR coated) cut to 11x14 from these folks. Not inexpensive, but cheaper than buying an entire sheet. Check here:


Drew Wiley
20-Nov-2012, 11:25
There are only so many ways you can make the stuff. You either need a pattern on the
surface to scatter glare, which will affect clarity, or you have to optically coat it, which
is inherently darn expensive.

John Brady
20-Nov-2012, 14:28
Thanks for the replies! This new material is supposed to have a film applied to it? Wish I could remember where I heard about it...