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9-Nov-2012, 14:09
I'm looking for a new vendor for invitations and promo cards. Specifically, a digital press that's economical for runs of 500 or less, and that does professional work (speaks the language of design and print production, has icc profiles and real production specs).

I just got a batch back from GotPrint. The company looked promising, but there are some print quality issues. If they can't resolve them adequately, I'll try someone else.

Someone recommended 4by6.com. They look trustworthy but are very expensive.

Any other thoughts?

9-Nov-2012, 14:23
I've had great luck with Sharpdots.com

Richard Wasserman
9-Nov-2012, 14:40
I've been very happy with Modern Postcard. http://www.modernpostcard.com/

Noah A
10-Nov-2012, 07:29
I always use Modern Postcard. They're not the cheapest but they're very good. They do provide profiles, as well as templates and/or detailed file specs. And when I say templates, I don't mean cheesy layout suggestions, I mean blank files set up to the right size with bleed marks, etc.

The one time I wasn't totally satisfied they reprinted my order for free. And if you call them, they know what they're talking about. They often have special offers and if you call you might be able to get a discount just by asking.

arca andy
13-Nov-2012, 04:53
What about in the UK?
I have tried both Moo and Vista print and they are both pity poor...cheap though!

Greg Davis
13-Nov-2012, 18:42
I agree that 4x6 is pricey, but I have seen their product, and it is very nice.