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29-Sep-2012, 00:22
Hi guys!
I'm A Melbourne boy, who is mainly shooting Street with whatever I can get my hands on.
Over the past couple of years I have really fallen right into the land of film, as of now I am developing C41, B&W and enlarging with 35mm and 120 too :D

I would like to get into shooting some Portraits on Large format, and hopefully down the track shooting some Wet Plates.
Being super keen, and of course out of money, I recently decided to build myself a 5X7 camera, and with great luck, managed to get some photos, such great fun
*pics soon* though am now a happy owner of a Speed Graphic.

thought I would join the forum to learn everything I can about Large Format,
and hopefully share some great photos with everyone. It is awesome to be part of something with people of the same interest

Here is my baby, and my mates new-born (smaller Speed Graphic)

http://img853.imageshack.us/img853/4867/img80822.jpg (http://img853.imageshack.us/i/img80822.jpg/)

Unfortunately, my Speed Graphic is missing a Graflok focusing Panel, so I am unable to shoot. (I should be putting this in the WTB section) but if anyone has one, please hit me with a PM

however, I managed to guess the focal distance with some improv ground glass plastic and a Polaroid 405 back (held with elastic bands) I got a couple of shots from it, which is pretty cool


and Hello to all the Melbourne Large Format guys! always happy for a hang out and shoot

annd here is my Blog, where I post mainly my paintings, as well as photos :)


cheers, i am looking forward to start shooting LF properly!

29-Sep-2012, 01:10
Hello from... uh, Melbourne as well!!


Michael Cienfuegos
29-Sep-2012, 09:46
You need to clean the rollers of your Polaroid back after EVERY roll. Keeping them clean will help prevent the sticking which happened. Cool shots, though. Ols Sppeds are loads of fun. I have one Baby Speed, one 3x4 Pre-Anny Speed, one Pre-Anny 4x5 Speed and one 4x5 Pacemaker. The Pacemaker has a 178/2.5 Aero-Ektar on board. They are all fun to shoot. :)

Barrie B.
29-Sep-2012, 16:22
Welcome to the forum- There are number of ' Film users ' in Melbourne , both here and on ' APUG ' , cheers Barrie B.

30-Sep-2012, 02:19
Another hello from Melbourne!

Lachlan 717
30-Sep-2012, 02:59
Another hello from Melbourne!

And another!

30-Sep-2012, 14:23
And me(lbourne)